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Comic Con 09 : The TRON Legacy

Movie News

The “TRON” sequel (formerly “Tron 2.0”, “Tron 2”, “Four, Weddings and a Tron”, “The TRONsformers”, “They call me TRONity”, “Not Another TRON Movie”) has a new title and a new logo.

Behold the logo for “The TRON Legacy” :

Disney unveiled a short, unfinished, scene from the film at Comic Con – it wasn’t nothing eye-poppingly amazingly, but only because the film is still in post, so there’s not a lot the filmmakers can show us yet. Still, sure it’ll be great… I mean, it only took Jeff Bridges five-or-more years to agree to do it; it has to be.

Slashfilm have a run-down of the footage screened, and a few concept drawings, up…. That save the rest of us from having to write it up.

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