Clint’s Bits – July 28, 2009


– Jon Hamm (TVs “Mad Men”) and Rebecca Hall (“Vicky Christina Barcelona”) have joined the cast of the Ben Affleck helmed/headlined “The Town”. Affleck is directing, and playing a bank robber who becomes smitten with the teller of a bank he held up. She makes him want to go straight, but she is also the FBI’s golden ticket to catching Boston’s most wanted bank robber. Hamm plays the FBI agent who also becomes infatuated with the bank employee, played by Hall. (Variety)

– Gary Busey is taking a trek down a road to a potential comeback. The actor has been roped into joining the cast of Adam Sandler’s new flick “Grown Ups”.

– Alcon Entertainment has acquired Aaron Guzikowski’s hot spec with a plan to fast-track production and release the movie in October 2010. But in a twist, Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, who had previously been attached to the dark thriller, will no longer be part of the package. Producers will now look to cast new stars as well as continue the search for a director, with all of those elements expected to be on board by early fall. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Another “King Kong” movie is on the way! Spirit Pictures is looking to relaunch a project originally developed by effects legend Ray Harryhausen. Producers at the shingle have picked up the rights to the book “Kong: King of Skull Island,” a prequel to the well-known tale of the big ape. Penned by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland, book focuses on the backstory of Skull Island and how the giant gorilla became king there. It introduces other giant gorillas and dinosaurs only hinted at in the previous films. (Variety)

– Richard Linklater (“School of Rock”) looks set to helm “Liars (A-E)” for Scott Rudin and Miramax. The romantic comedy is about a woman (Kat Dennings) who, on the way to President Obama’s inauguration, retrieves lost items from her ex-boyfriends. (Variety)

– Ron Livingston, Jim Gaffigan, Kelli Gellar, Rob Riggle and Jason Sudeikis round out the cast of New Line’s romantic comedy “Going the Distance,” starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. (Variety)

– A 20-Disc ‘Tin’ Set of every “Battlestar Galactica” (Ron Moore’s reboot) episode will be available on the 12th of August, says EzyDVD.

– Kevin Smith told Comic-Con attendees that his new film “A Couple of Dicks” will likely undergo a name change. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– “Freedom Writers” helmer Richard LaGravenese is attached to write and direct the love story “Man and Wife” for Universal Pictures. The drama centers around an immigrant’s love for the U.S. (Variety)

Kryptonsite have a bunch of interviews up with the “Smallville” cast and crew that were conducted after the Comic-Con panel on Sunday. Oh, and by the way, sounds like that rumoured “Metropolis” telemovie was a load of bullshit!

– Sigourney Weaver has essentially let it be known that she won’t be involved in “Ghostbusters 3”. (MovieWeb)

– Twentieth Century Fox want you to pick the cover art for the upcoming “Wrong Turn 3”! Bloody Disgusting has all the details.

– According to Michael Ausiello, “Battlestar Galactica stud Jamie Bamber (that’s Apollo to you) will guest star in the season premiere of Dollhouse as someone who is heavily involved in an engagement with Echo and her new handler Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett)”. Nice, a little “Galactica” reunion!

– Joe Morton (“T2”), Daniella Alonso and John Fiore are starring in “The Mulberry Tree,” an indie feature directed by U.K. helmer Mark Heller. Louis Crugnali wrote the script and also stars in the drama about a Italian-American family based on his experiences growing up near Providence, R.I., and working in the state corrections system. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– A new “NIMH” movie is in the works! Director Neil Burger (“The Illusionist”) is in talks to write a film based on the award-winning children’s tale “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.” A pic would be the second theatrical go-round for the book, which MGM brought to the screen in 1982 as the animated “The Secret of NIMH,” directed by Don Bluth. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Moon Bloodgood (“Terminator Salvation”), Jessy Schram, Seychelle Gabriel and Maxim Knight have joined Noah Wyle on TNT’s untitled alien invasion pilot from executive producer Steven Spielberg. (The Hollywood Reporter)

-Cuba Gooding Jr is circling “The Last Warrior”, a John Eyes written/directed actioner about a genetically altered killing machine. Yep, long way from “Jerry Maguire”.

Film Recommendation of the Day

Zapped! (1982) – Grew up with this movie…. but that doesn’t mean time has been kind to it. Whoa… not at all. Terribly dated now, this early 80s sex comedy, a big-time vehicle for Scott Baio at the time, is a pretty hard watch these days… but still a bit of fun. Down a six-pack, then give it a whirl. Worthwhile, if even just for Heather Thomas’s boobie-shot! Ah, memories….