Caffeinated Clint : Rachelle Bites Back!


G’day kids. Felt this one was worth a mention – and not just because I’d like to take a Jungle Cruise on the actress-in-question’s lap – nope, this is mostly just a question of speaking out about what’s right, what’s wrong, and how fuckin’ retarded film companies can be sometimes.

Firstly, here’s my story from yesterday (which I doubt any non-“Twilight” fan read first time around):

Look, I care about “Twilight” about as much as I do my toothless morbidly overweight neighbour (it’s true – and she’s a shocker!) but the one thing I do give two – even three, on a good day – shits about is people getting a bum treatment. Someone gets kicked with a sharp stiletto in the crotch… I usually feel it. I have as many ice-packs in my freezer, as I do body parts.

I felt a slam to the boys yesterday when the trades announced that the gorgeous (come on! Is she not the hottest red-head you’ve ever laid eyes on!?) Rachelle Lefevre would be replaced by a bland-looking plank-of-wood… oops, I mean Bryce Dallas-Howard… in the third “Twilight” film.

The official response from Summit Entertainment? “Um, there was a scheduling conflict”. But the truth of the matter is that Rachelle was unjustly fired.

Despite having to know they’re going to be picketed by fans for the next twelve months, and seemingly oblivious to the fact the recasting could fuck the movie, Summit merely wanted a bigger name for their movie – someone they could put on the poster. Someone that might help put more bums-on-seats – and preferably cheeks that don’t necessarily belong to Twilight fans. Yeah, they’re fuckin’ dreaming – no good can come out of this. Burn a Twilight fan? Prepare for a spiky, blood-smeared dildo up your bot-bot!!

I had a feeling something might be going on with Rachelle. I was supposed to interview her a week ago or so to talk about her work (or rather, her scene) in “New Moon” and “Eclipse”. The interview date came and went. Heard nothing. And it was quite strange, because Rachelle was apparently rather gung-ho about the press. Did Summit ask for all her interviews regarding the franchise to be cancelled for the time being? They’re not talking (in fact, I hear they’re all hiding in a Motel-6 today due to bomb threats).

Rachelle, who some may recall from her work on TVs short-lived “What About Brian” (she played the stripper character that married Brian), was very passionate about the “Twilight” film series. Not only did she attend convention after convention… but she even attended some off her own back! I mean, she was at Comic-Con last week to support “New Moon”, and she didn’t even need to be! She wasn’t on the Panel (we now know why) with her co-stars… she just hung around and met her fans. Doesn’t sound like someone with an impending “scheduling conflict” does it? Nope, this girl was going to be in “Eclipse” no matter what.

An understandably gutted Rachelle issued a statement today, confirming what we all suspected – that she was dumped. Worst of it? She found out the same way we did. Fuckers!

“I was stunned by Summit’s decision to recast the role of Victoria for ‘Eclipse,’” Rachelle said in a statement to Access Hollywood.

“I was fully committed to the ‘Twilight’ saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria,” Rachelle continued, explaining the turn of events that led to the casting change. “I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules. My commitment to ‘Barney’s Version’ is only ten days. Summit picked up my option for ‘Eclipse.’ Although the production schedule for ‘Eclipse’ is over three months long, Summit said they had a conflict during those ten days and would not accommodate me. Given the length of filming for ‘Eclipse,’ never did I fathom I would lose the role over a 10 day overlap. I was happy with my contract with Summit and was fully prepared to continue to honor it. Summit chose simply to recast the part.”

The star concluded her statement with a regretful tone.

“I am greatly saddened that I will not get to complete my portrayal of Victoria for the ‘Twilight’ audience. This is a story, a theatrical journey and a character that I truly love and about which I am very passionate. I will be forever grateful to the fan support and loyalty I’ve received since being cast for this role, and I am hurt deeply by Summit’s surprising decision to move on without me. I wish the cast and crew of ‘Eclipse’ only the very best,” she said.

It’s just not right. “Eclipse” was apparently going to be a real showcase for Lefevre – she had heaps of screen time in it, to boot – and instead, they’ve bought in a much bigger, but not-even half as talented actress to replace her. Has anyone actually seen a decent Bryce Dallas Howard performance in the past five years? Did Summit not see “Terminator Salvation” like everyone else and wonder ‘Why the fuck didn’t they just bring back Clare Danes!?’. It’s a real kick in the teeth… and one that makes sense… but doesn’t. If you get my drift.

I think Rachelle will be fine… she seems to have some talent…. But that doesn’t mean she’s not going to be sharpening her knifes for a little longer yet.

Enjoy the cold breeze Summit…

Update! Summit has issued a statement – seemingly trying to convince Rachelle’s supporters that she’s the bad guy here. ”We at Summit Entertainment are disappointed by Rachelle Lefevre’s recent comments which attempt to make her career choices the fault of the Studio. Her decision to discuss her version of the scheduling challenges publicly has forced the Studio to set the record straight and correct the facts. Ms. Lefevre’s representatives were advised as early as April that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE was expected to start shooting in early August.
If Ms. Lefevre was, as she describes “passionate,” about being part of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, we feel that she and her representatives would have included us in her decision to work on another film that would conflict with the shooting schedule of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.
It was not until July 20th that Summit was first informed of Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to BARNEY’S VERSION, a commitment we have since been advised she accepted in early June. Summit had acted in good faith that she would be available to fulfill her obligations both in terms of rehearsals and shooting availability for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. We feel that her choice to withhold her scheduling conflict information from us can be viewed as a lack of cooperative spirit which affected the entire production.
Furthermore Ms. Lefevre took a role in the other film that places her in Europe during the required rehearsal time, and at least ten days of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE’s principal photography. This period is essential for both rehearsal time with the cast, and for filming at key locations that are only available during the initial part of production.
Contrary to Ms. Lefevre’s statement, it is simply untrue that the Studio dismissed her over a ten day overlap. It is not about a ten day overlap, but instead about the fact that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is an ensemble production that has to accommodate the schedules of numerous actors while respecting the established creative vision of the filmmaker and most importantly the story.
The fact remains that Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to the other project – which she chose to withhold from Summit until the last possible moment – makes her unfortunately unavailable to perform the role of Victoria in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.”