Three Days with Russell Crowe


According to Variety, Russell Crowe has been rope-tied into Paul Haggis’s “The Next Three Days”, a film that reunites the filmmaker with Lionsgate (they handled the statue-evoking “Crash”).

In the pic, a remake of the French film “Pour Elle”, Crowe will play a teacher whose wife is arrested and convicted of a murder she says she did not commit. He comes up with a desperate plan to free her.

Haggis, who wrote the script, will begin production in late September in Pittsburgh.

The writer-director says he chose Crowe for the role because though he’s just as well for his macho parts, he does have a common Joe side too.

“We’ve seen him as the gladiator, but he has embodied the Everyman in so many pictures,” Haggis said.
Haggis said the film explores deeper themes of faith and belief.

Said Haggis: “The deeper theme here is, would you save the woman you loved if you knew that by doing so, you would turn into a man that woman could no longer love?”