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Caught up with rising young actor Jonathan Chase earlier this week. Some may recognize Jonathan from his role as Josh Barry from “Veronica Mars”, but a lot more are about to get to know him – when the 29-year-old actor hits the screens in both the highly-anticipated “Gamer”, opposite Gerard Butler, and the Sandra Bullock starrer “All About Steve”.

Here’s what he told us about both :


He’s playing the villain’s sidekick in the film, he says. “Michael C. Hall is an amazing actor who I love from Six Feet Under and Dexter. So I was pumped to be playing his sidekick in the movie. He approached the work very seriously with rehearsal. He works out his character and fine tunes his performance. It was great to learn from Michael.”
Though he’s trained in martial arts, he didn’t participate in any fight sequences; nor did he get too bruised and battered from stunts. ”I was not involved in any of the explosions or gun warfare in the film. For me the demand of the film was not as physical as the others. I did have some futuristic weapon I can’t disclose…But the military training to wield that weapon was next to none”.
He loved working with Neveldine and Taylor. “Those guys are great. They share a brain on set. And off set. We had some fun parties on the weekends while shooting in New Mexico. I watched a lot of C List Zombie movies at them though. They love that stuff. Not much to do in Alberquerque so you can imagine some shenanigans ensued. I got into a little bit of trouble.”

All About Steve

Chase has a role in the upcoming “All About Steve” starring Sandra Bullock and Thomas Haden Church. ”I play Dave, a news weatherman. Thomas Haden Church plays Hartman Hughes, a boisterous news anchor, who infiltrates my weather report and takes over for me. Thomas is hilarious in this film. He has a real knack for improv.”
He didn’t work with Ms Bullock but “I have heard she is amazing. My family loves Sandra Bullock. We have our favorite quotes from Miss Congeniality. But sadly I never had the chance to meet her or work with her. Our schedules never collided.”

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