Exclusive : Nichols wants more Sex


Chatting to us at the New York junket for “GI Joe : The Rise of Cobra” last weekend, star Rachel Nichols (stunning, even in sweat pants!) mentioned how keen she’d be to reprise her role as ‘Alexa’ – The ‘Vogue Idea’ girl in the “Sex and the City” sequel. We promised we’d get it out there – in the hope that the producers are listening!

‘’Oh my god, I would love to [make an appearance]”, says Nichols. ‘’[But] given the fact that it was on for five seasons, and I was only in one episode” it’s doubtful they’d want her, she says. “.. but we could keep our fingers crossed”.

Nichols appeared in the episode “A ‘Vogue’ Idea” in which Carrie presents her first free-lance article to the Vogue editors, who react completely different.

Nichols’ modelling agent in New York snagged her the role of on the popular HBO series.

‘’My modeling agent in New York was compared with a commercial agency, and I had started doing commercials as well, and they said ‘do you want to try acting?’ and I said ‘yeah why not’, and they sent me on the audition for Sex & The City, which miraculously I ended up booking.

“And I’d never really done a proper audition before, I didn’t know if I was supposed to look at the person reading with me, or the camera, I was really confused. And then I got on set, and was really nervous, and Kim Cattrall was so nice. I was so nervous about meeting her, because I was basically telling her at six in the morning I’d never acted before, and she could have been really not excited about it. And she was great, and I had such fun that day, that day actually made me want to pursue it more seriously”.

Ya never know Rachel!

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