Exclusive : Flemyng for Mars, Ironclad


British actor Jason Flemyng (“Stardust”, “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, TVs “Primeval”) let slip to Moviehole this week that he might be joining the cast of a certain big-budget Disney movie.

“I’m gonna do.. um.. well, there’s a movie coming out.. I’m not definitely on it, but I’m desperate to get on it, but it all depends on who.. It’s already cast, but the people who have been cast haven’t been signed, so a couple of them hopefully will pull out or fall out or whatever. They’re doing John Carter From Mars, which you probably know more about than me”.

“Andrew Stanton is directing”, continues Flemyng. “You already know this, but he directed Finding Nemo and Wall-E, so er.. Pixar and Disney, to thank him for the ten billion dollars he made them have given him his first live-action feature and it’s this amazing story, not too dissimilar to the story of Avatar, about a human being on a planet and saving that planet from revolution. It’s amazing! It’s absolutely incredible.”

Flemyng, currently filming “Clash of the Titans”, says he’s keeping everything crossed that the role becomes available for him in the film. “Or you find me un-doing their brake cables”, he laughs, “Then the part is mine. It’s a nice part. really. It’s great.”

Definitely on the cards is “a movie called Ironclad, which is a British feature with Bob Hoskins, Brian Cox and about seven knights of the Templar, holding a keep against the invading army of King John. Real great fourteenth century stuff. I’ll be doing that in November and December.”.

Here’s hoping Jason Flemyng will nab this mysterious part in “John Carter of Mars” from whomever is pencilled in for it at the moment. He’s an amazingly versatile, stand-out impressive actor and one of Britain’s current greats. Not just because he’s a friend, but because he truly is. I’ve admired his work long before I met him and he’s truly is one of the nicest guys in this business.

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