Exclusive : Latest on Beverly Hills Chihaua 2

Disney’s “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2” is set to go before the cameras on October 5th – but without Drew Barrymore and Piper Perabo.

The sequel, which like the 2008 hit will lens in Los Angeles, has retained the vocal talents of comic George Lopez, but has lost quite a few of it’s original players at the same time.

A casting agent tells us that, “…the hunt has begun to find a new set of lungs to voice Chloe, the character voiced by Drew Barrymore in the original, and a new actress to replace Piper Perabo, who won’t be returning as Rachel. A few others won’t be returning [either]”.

In the Alex Zamm-directed film, Chloe and Papi return to Beverly Hills, get married, and soon become the overwhelmed parents of five naughty little Chihuahuas.

We’re told, “New characters in the sequel include Papi Jr, son of the original film’s hero, Papi (returning star George Lopez); Antonio and Alberto, two German Shepherds training to be police dogs; and a stuck-up standard-size poodle named Appoline”.

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