WB unleashes DC Entertainment!


Hot on the heels of Walt Disney being busted canoodling in bed with Kevin Feige, Warner Bros have confessed to swallowing whole DC.

DC Entertainment has been formed so, in essence, Warner can more efficiently work out a way to get more of DC’s superheroes on the big screen.

Diane Nelson, who has been managing Warner Premiere (“The Green Lantern : First Flight”, “Lost Boys : The Tribe”), is running the new company, according to Variety.

“It’s no secret that DC has a myriad of rich and untapped possibilities from its deep library of iconic and lesser-known characters,” said Alan Horn, Warner Bros. Entertainment prexy and chief operating officer. “The formation of DC Entertainment will help us bring more DC properties across additional platforms to fans around the world.”

As part of the move, Paul Levitz will step down as president and publisher of DC Comics and segue into a new post as writer, contributing editor and consultant to DC Entertainment. His duties will include advising DC on rights-holder relationships, especially when it comes to DC’s complicated ownership of Superman.

“After so many roles at DC, it’s exciting to look forward to focusing on my writing and being able to remain a part of the company I love as it grows into its next stage,” said Levitz, who has written Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman comicbooks in the past.

The studio has long been criticized for not doing more with DC but couldn’t because it needed an executive inside the comicbook company with the right sensibility for producing tentpoles, or at least the experience of managing all aspects of a major franchise.

On the film front, Warner Bros. is moving forward with “The Green Lantern,” with Ryan Reynolds starring as the ringed hero. Other forthcoming projects include supernatural Western “Jonah Hex,” with Josh Brolin and Megan Fox; “The Losers”; and the Guy Ritchie-helmed “Lobo,” the latter two produced by Joel Silver. Other possibilities, we assume, are a third “Batman” movie (which Christopher Nolan is supposedly going to direct), a new “Superman” movie, the long-gestating “Wonder Woman” movie (with Joel Silver producing), a “Justice League” movie (which will likely happen a few years down the track), and “The Flash” which has been on-and-off more times than Pam and Tommy Lee.