Clint’s Bits – 10/9/09


Anton Yelchin (“Star Trek”) is co-starring with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in “The Beaver”. The young actor will play Gibson and Foster’s son in the film, the story of a depressed man who finds solace in wearing a beaver hand-puppet. (Variety)

– Peggy Lipton, of “Twin Peaks” (and of course, “The Mod Squad”) fame, has been tapped for a multiepisode arc on the second season of “Crash.” She still looks stunning! (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Relativity and Universal are teaming up to release “Sanctum,” the underwater 3-D drama shepherded by James Cameron. In a split deal, companies put up in the neighborhood of an $11.5 million minimum guarantee to distribute in North America, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. (Variety)

– “Weekend at Bernies” duo Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman have reunited for the National Lampoon comedy, “Snatched”. The film tells of a a nice guy who goes into the hospital for surgery and through a series of mishaps suffers every man’s worst nightmare. Wonder if this’ll lead into a possible “Bernies 3” for the twosome?

– British actor Max Ryan (“Death Race”) has been cast as Samantha’s new beau in the “Sex & The City” sequel. The film is currently shooting in the Big Apple – with, I imagine, quite a few spectators. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Brian Austin Green (“Smallville”) and Graham Greene (“Die Hard : With a Vengeance”) will star in “The Wild Girl,” a Hallmark pic about an aspiring photojournalist who joins a group of Americans traveling to Mexico to rescue a kidnapped boy. (Variety)

– Zachary Levi (“Chuck”) and Mandy Moore (of ‘hotness’ fame) will voice the lead characters in Disney’s new 3-D “Rapunzel” movie. (Heat Vision Blog)

– Dimension will now release “The Road” on Nov 25/Thanksgiving with a wide release of 1,200-1,500 engagements. “We’ve been getting great audience reaction at Venice and Telluride,” Dimension topper Bob Weinstein tells Variety. “We feel that this is a commercial film that’s worthy of a wide release.”

– Lance Henriksen is in talks for “Wild Michigan”, a drama bout single parenting and interracial relationships in the late 1800’s.

– I received the poster for Michael Jackson’s “This is It” too, but couldn’t be fagged uploading it. In this case, check it out at Aint it Cool. And please, excuse my laziness this week – I have a concussion (as you may have heard!).

– J.La Rose (“Repo! The Genetic Opera”) has snagged a role in Darren Lynn Bousman’s remake of “Mother’s Day”. (Bloody Disgusting)

– The new Corey Feldman/Michael Madsen flick “No Warning” begins pre-production this month in Detroit. You can view a teaser trailer for the film at the official site.

– Tom Hanks is developing a romantic-comedy that’ll make use of Barry Manilow’s back-catalogue of hits. The film is described by Variety as “a character-driven romantic comedy with intersecting storylines involving Manilow fans who are all arriving in Las Vegas on a weekend where Manilow will headline at the Mandalay Bay”.

– Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer are partnering to adapt the Augusten Burroughs book “Sellevision” for NBC. The show would revolve around the inner workings at a fictional home shopping channel. (Variety)

– The first sessions of the second Twilight vampire saga, ”New Moon”, are selling “through the roof” more than two months before the film opens on November 19. And according to my wife, you’ll be flat-out finding tickets for that Wed/midnight screening. (The Courier Mail)

– The CW’s “Melrose Place” reboot got off to a sluggish start, garnering only 2.3 million viewers. On the other hand, many (including myself – though I’m still miffed the theme song has been excised!) found the new incarnation to be much more tolerable than expected. According to Michael Ausiello, the second episode is better than the pilot.

– As you’ll have likely read on my Twitter Page, Lori Petty wants in on “Point Break 2”, thing is, there is no “Point Break 2” – it’s just been canceled.

– Despite originally being earmarked for a straight-to-DVD release down under, the acclaimed “The Hurt Locker” will now be releasing theatrically in Australia on the 4th February 2010.

– Paramount won’t be remaking the acclaimed “Paranormal Activity” after all (Bloody Disgusting)

– An official website has launched for Sony Screen Gems’ unnecessary remake of the cult classic “The Stepfather”. In what world is Dylan Walsh a substitute for Terry O’Quinn!?

– Paul Hogan will return to television to host a “Paul Hogan Show” Special in a couple of weeks. (TV Tonight)