Clint’s Bits – 16/9/09


– Simon West (“When a Stranger Calls”) is producing a 3-D remake of the George Romero classic “Night of the Living Dead”. Titled “Night of the Living Dead: Origins,” the re-imagining is being directed by newcomer Zebediah de Soto, and will apparently feature more of the main characters’ back-stories. (Heat Vision)

– Director Kyle Newman’s terrific “Fanboys” will be released on DVD in Australia on November 19. (Coincidentally, the equally-superb “Adventureland”, directed by Greg Mottola, hits disc the same day).

– “Hangover” star is in negotiations to star in “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” a coming-of-age dramedy from “Half Nelson” writer-directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden. The pic, based on Ned Vizzini’s young-adult novel, tells of a teenage boy who, after a bout of depression, is sent to a mental institution, where he ends up in the adult ward and meets a number of offbeat adults as well as a quirky teenage girl.(The Hollywood Reporter)

IGN have premiered the new “Saw VI” Poster, Yahoo! have the “Men who stare at Goats” poster, Cinematical have Robert Zemeckis’ “A Christmas Carol” one-sheet, and Latino Review has the teaser poster for “Toy Story 3”.

– Ridley Scott may direct “The Passage,” a feature film based on the popular Jordan Ainsley-penned Vampire novel. John Logan (“Charlie’s Angels”) will write. (Variety)

– Shawn Levy (“Night at the Museum”) is replacing Peter Berg as the director of the futuristic actioner “Real Steel”. The storyline takes place in a near future where human boxing has been outlawed, and heavy, humanoid robots slug it out in the ring instead. Into this world step a father and his estranged teenage son, who train an extraordinary fighter. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (yes, of “Freaks & Geeks” fame) have been hired to rework the screenplay for New Line’s absurdist comedy “Horrible Bosses.” The story line revolves around three friends who decide to whack their abusive “superiors” in a desperate bid for happiness. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– DC Entertainment’s Diane Nelson tells MTV that despite knowledge they could potentially lose the character if they don’t begin work on a new “Superman” film soon, they’ve no current plans to do so.

– The official Nu Image site has a small teaser poster up for the Jason Statham-starring remake of “The Mechanic”.

– Helen Hunt has been approached to replace Maura Tierney – who has departed the series because of her battle with breast cancer – on TVs “Parenthood”. The “Mad About You” actress has yet to say yay or nay.(The Hollywood Reporter).

– Set pics from the upcoming “Red Dawn” remake are up at AICN.

– Is TV series “Millennium” (a spin-off of “The X-Files” starring Lance Henriksen) returning in movie-form? (X-Files News)

– Ed O’Ross (TVs “Six Feet Under”) is voicing a character in the animated film “The Wild Bunch”. The film tells of a group of genetically modified crops who battle against a field of wildflowers, and also features the voices of Willem Dafoe and Chris Klein.

– Aussie “Wolf Creek” star Nathan Phillips is rumoured to be joining Bai Ling for director Mary ‘Pet Sematary Two’ Lambert’s new horror film ”Hydrophobia”. The film tells of a killer mermaid who can only be stopped by a man afraid of water.

– David Henrie of the Disney Channel series “Wizards of Waverly Place” will pair with Platinum Studios to develop its comic book series, “The Weapon,” into a feature film he’d star in. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– FOXTEL today announced the winners of the 2007 Comedy Gold competition, Sean Condon and Rob Hibbert, have begun production in Melbourne on a new sitcom for THE COMEDY CHANNEL. “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better” is a behind-the-scenes look at a TV sketch comedy show that follows the writers, producers, network executives and actors involved in the difficult business of being funny.

– Broken Lizard’s Jay Chandrasekhar will direct “Shotgun Wedding”. The comedy concerns an avowed bachelor who suddenly calls his friends to join him on a weekend trip for his wedding. (Variety)

– Ron Howard is developing a new TV show at Fox. The show, a workplace comedy set at an Internal Revenue Service district office, has pilot commitment and one of the biggest penalties so far this season, estimated in the range of $650,000. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Erica Durance (TVs “Smallville”) has been approached to star opposite Kevin Sorbo and Clint Howard in the ‘Snow Storm’ thriller “Sleeping with the Lion”.

– The Weinstein Co. has picked up U.S. and German rights to “A Single Man.” The Tom Ford-directed adaptation of the Christopher Isherwood novel is fresh in from Venice, where Colin Firth won actor kudos. (Variety)

– Michael Becker (“Buried”) is producing a feature-film version of James D.Hudnall’s comic book “Trigs”. The comic is set 30 years in the future and fixes on a civilization that has to rebuild after an intense war.

    Film Recommendation of the Day

“The Outsiders”
I don’t know about you, but after the tragic passing of Patrick Swayze yesterday all I want to do is sit down and revisit some of his classic films. There’s no better place to start than “The Outisders”, Francis Ford Coppola’s beloved feature adaptation of the classic S.E Hinton Novel. What an amazing performance Swayze gives as older brother Darrel.