Clint’s Bits – 22/9/09


– “Bryan Loves You”, the controversial Anchor Bay Entertainment release starring Tony Todd and George Wendt, is giving away authentic Bryan cult masks seen in the movie. Anyone with a US or Canadian mailing address is eligible to win. To enter, just comment on the video here. Winners will be chosen at random Halloween 2009 and Halloween 2010, one mask given away per Halloween. “Bryan Loves You” rock concert-style t-shirts will be given to the runners up.

– The “Battlestar Galactica” film, “The Plan” (can’t wait to see this!), directed by and starring Edward James Olmos, is available to pre-order in Australia from EzyDVD.

– The Weinstein Company (TWC) is pleased to announce Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” surpassed “Pulp Fiction” at the box office and is now the filmmaker’s highest grossing film ever. The flick has now grossed over $108 million in North American box office receipts since its initial release on August 21, 2009.

– “Resident Evil : Afterlife” star Bodjoe Kodjoe tells that “Prison Break” fave Wentworth Miller has joined the cast of the film. Miller, says Kodjoe, is playing “a guy that we actually locked up when we took over the jail because we weren’t sure if he was one of them or not. He comes into play as we try to find a way to get out with our survivors”. Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter also star.

– John Malkovich, Scott Glenn and Dylan Walsh are set to join “Secretariat,” the Randall Wallace-directed drama for Disney. Malkovich will play Lucien Laurin, the former jockey who became the trainer of the 1973 Triple Crown-winning racehorse. Diane Lane stars as the horse’s owner Penny Tweedy, the housewife who broke though a gender barrier to usher Secretariat to greatness. Walsh plays Lane’s husband, a successful attorney who is accustomed to his wife being at his beck and call.
Glenn is a southern-bred aristocrat who loses the horse in a coin toss. (Variety), The Hollywood Reporter)

– FOX has given “Glee” a full-season pick-up. The cast were reportedly in Australia when they heard the news. Meanwhile, the pilot episode is available to pre-order on DVD. (Variety)

– Michael Sheen tells IESB that he hasn’t been approached to star in the fourth “Underworld”. ”I don’t know if there is going to be an Underworld 4”, the actor told the site. ”I’m not sure. I’ve heard rumor of it, but nobody has actually spoken to me about it, so I don’t know. Maybe it is going to take place without me. I’m not sure, but if I hear anything, you’ll be the first to know.”

– If you haven’t already heard (and if you read my Twitter page, you have) Dick Cook has left Disney. Shock huh!? Don’t read too much into the “Johnny won’t do Pirates of the Caribbean 4 now that Cook has left” rumours, Disney tell us nothing has changed. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– The Coen Bros’ want John Turturro star in a “Barton Fink” sequel – and not a “Big Lebowski” spin-off? (MTV Movies Blog)

– Producer Lauren Shuler Donner tells Slashfilm that she’s looking to do an “X-Men 4” that would reunite the original cast (Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry… and so on). Dick’s bride also mentioned a possible feature film version of “The New Mutants”. Thankfully, no mention of Brett Ratner in the entire interview.

– Archie Comics Publications has signed with CAA. The agency will seek to create branded entertainment opportunities in film and TV in much the way that it has for toymaker Mattel. Just one question : How would Zac Efron look with Ginger hair!? (Variety)

– It was rumoured a wee bit ago that Brad Pitt had filmed a cameo as ‘Moriarty’ in director Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes”. Seems the rumour was on the money – because according to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor is set to play Holmes’ legendary adversary in the film’s sequel, so a cameo at the end of the first film wouldn’t be entirely out of the question. Kieran and Michele Mulroney, who penned “Justice League: Mortal”, are set to pen the sequel’s script.

– Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group has acquired most international distribution rights for Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete.” I assume then that it’s going theatrical? (Variety)

– Jordan Kerner (“Charlotte’s Web”) will produce Walden Media’s “Gene,” a modern take on the classic genie story from writer Randi Mayem Singer. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Darren Aronofsky (“The Fountain”) will direct and produce an indie heist thriller based on the daring $85 million robbery at the Securitas Depot in Tonbridge, England, in February 2006. Kerry Williamson is adapting the script from an underlying rights package that includes Jon Wertheim’s Sports Illustrated magazine article “Breaking the Bank” and Howard Sounes’ nonfiction book “Heist: The Inside Story of the World’s Biggest Robbery.” (Variety)

– Twentieth Century Fox in Australia have announced that “I Love You Beth Cooper”, the teenage comedy starring Hayden Panettiere, will bypass theatres and go direct-to-DVD. Will have the release date for you shortly.

– The track listing for the soundtrack to “New Moon” has been revealed here.

– Former “Neighbours” star Nicola Charles will have a role in “Easter Sixteen”, director Jason Barry’s drama about the Irish uprising of 1916. Anthony LaPaglia stars.

– The full list of the Emmy Winners can be found on the TV Tonight website.

Film Recommendation of the Day
In The Valley of Elah (2007)
A hard-nosed retired army sergeant (Tommy Lee Jones) is informed that his son, a young soldier who has just returned from duty in Iraq, has gone AWOL. Soon after arriving in the town surrounding the base, Dad is informed that a body – or the remains of one – has been found in the scrub by the side of the road. Now, with the help of a local female copper (Charlize Theron) – who is usually handed the bottom of the barrel assignments -, the distraught but tough-as-nails father searches for the truth – and those responsible for the crime – about his son. Even better than 2007s finest hour in cinema “No Country for Old Men”, Tommy Lee Jones and crew here continue to reaffirm our belief that the good story-first bells-and-whistles-second movies are still out there- you just have to search a little harder to find them. This “Valley” is well worth a stroll around.