Locklear returns to Melrose


Do I stick with it? Do I let it go now and just tune back in when she appears? Or do I wait until the DVD box-set arrives so I can fast-forward thru all the boring bits (and those with Ashley Simpson)?

Question I can’t answer at the moment – all I know is, the new “Melrose Place” is doing very little to impress. If the original series was crack, this is sugar-free Red Bull. Not even a fifth of the kick!

But maybe there’s salvation around the corner? Michael Ausiello reported overnight that Heather Locklear – who, you’ll remember, saved the ‘original’ “MP” when she turned up as resident Vixen Amanda – will be back as the bitchy Ms Woodward on the struggling revamp.

Says Ausiello, “Sources confirm that Locklear will play Katie Cassidy’s boss at the PR firm, a genius move that will pit the show’s former and current vixens against one another. This doesn’t come as a complete surprise since Cassidy dropped hints about a workplace showdown between Amanda and Ella at Entertainment Weekly’s pre-Emmy party last week”

If only because my colleague at Red Carpet Injection will kill me if I tune out this early on… I might give the show one last chance. But I tell ya, there better be some intrigue real soon, or I’ll be writing the CW [another] nasty email.

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