Exclusive : Faizon in Iron Man?


“Couples Retreat” star Faizon Love tells Moviehole that Jon Favreau and Peter Billingsley (the former’s co-star and director, respectively) have been trying to get him to agree to being in one of their “Iron Man” movies for quite a while now. It’s Love that keeps knocking back the chance to do time with Tony Stark.

‘’They already tried to put me in Iron Man but I couldn’t. I think I would make it suck’’, says the ceaselessly sincere actor.

‘’I don’t know that genre. These guys do. I didn’t know it was a real comic book. [Jon] thinks I’d make a good villain. Maybe I should just get it out of my way and just do it?”

Wouldn’t Love make a good ‘Crusher’? He was the South American scientist who created the “Crusher” Formula which granted him with super-strength, dense skin, and a weight of 1,000 lb (450 kg).

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Drew Turney
An Australian-based film critic and celebrity interviewer now based in Los Angeles, California.