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Thanks to Roadshow Home Entertainment, Moviehole has 10 copies of the terrific “King of California” up for grabs.

Michael Douglas gives a bravura performance in writer-director Mike Cahill’s feature-length debut. Douglas stars as Charlie, a troubled musician who has just been released from a mental hospital. He returns home to live with his 16-year-old daughter, Miranda (Evan Rachel Wood), who is not exactly thrilled to have him back. Miranda has been forced to quit school and get a job in order to support herself and hold on to her beat-up old car and the family house, which is right in the middle of a new development–but she has refused to sell out. Instead, she works extra shifts at McDonald’s and has no social life.

But her father–still suffering from mental illness–insists that she join him on a wild adventure in search of supposedly long-buried treasure, and soon the two of them are combing through California, facing danger as Charlie leads them on a crazy quest that takes them through major chain stores and restaurants.

TO WIN : Tell us which TV show Evan Rachel Wood currently appears on?

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