Two axed from Melrose


“Melrose Place” is about to get a makeover – again.

The CW reboot, which is rating worse than a prime-time Jay Leno variety show, is seemingly trying everything it can to keep itself on air. The showrunners have convinced Heather Locklear – who single-handedly saved the original “Melrose” from an early demise – to reprise her as Amanda Woodward for what, I presume, will be an extended stay (Very, Very Special Guest Star?), and now they’re ditching two regulars in favour of some fresh faces.

Mercifully, the show is getting rid of the talentless Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, who’s Violet (supposedly Sydney’s daughter). Attacked for her acting since the pilot, fans will be dancing in the streets upon hearing the news of Violet catching an Amtrak.

Also gone is the slightly-better Colin Egglesfield, whose Augie has been pink-slipped too.

They’re about to wrap up the ‘Who Killed Sydney Andrews Storyline’ so I can only assume one of these two has something to do with the murder – – and the other, maybe they get knocked off too?

Executive Producer Todd Slavkin tells Michael Ausiello, ‘’…. we always knew that this murder mystery would end in episode 12. And we always knew that [Ashlee’s] character of Violet would be instrumental in that as a suspect, and [Colin’s character of] Augie as well. And once that murder mystery was solved, she would go on her way. That was the original plan going into the development of the show.’’

Once the murder mystery is solved, the show will transform into ‘’a much more fun, romantic, sexy upbeat kind of show’’ and ‘’now that the characters are no longer suspects, they can have a great time, they can focus on their careers, they can get into bed with each other without having this ominous cloud hanging over the building… But this is still Melrose Place. There’s still going to be intrigue on the show.’’

In addition to adding a new love interest character for Amanda, a billionaire, to be played by ‘Rocketeer’ Billy Campbell, there’s ‘’a doctor, a new resident at the hospital who is irreverent and funny and will mix it up and move into the building. He will be a roommate of one of the characters and interact with Lauren. He’s a guy that, even though he’s a doctor, he doesn’t take life very seriously. Medicine can be very fun as well as serious to him and he ends up lightening up Lauren. We think this guy’s a lot of fun and is going to mix it up in a great way with the rest of the cast.’’