Baker joins Spider-Man 4


If this is how it sounds – that one of the franchises’s best actors is again getting the ‘featured extra’ treatment – then Amy Pascal’s gates are up, and the lights are on, but there’s no train coming! I don’t get the logic here!

The oft-reliable Dylan Baker (see “Happiness” for corroboration of his lustre) has played Dr. Curt Connors in the last two “Spider-Man” movies. Connors often pops up for a minute or two in each flick, to offer some kind of science driven counsel to the film’s hero. And he’s good. But what comic-fans know is that there’s a lot more to Connors than whiteboards and lab coats – he, like Spider-Man, also has an alter-ego! In this case, Connor transforms into ‘The Lizard’! … or he’s supposed to.

Does Sony ever plan on exploring Connor’s ‘other side’ in the film series? Sure doesn’t seem like it. Not only has ‘The Lizard’ stayed under the cinematic rock for two “Spider-Man” flicks now, but reports suggest Connor’s malevolent side mightn’t be making an appearance in the next movie either. Connors, on the other hand, will be.

Baker appeared with his “Trick R ‘ Treat” director Michael Dougherty at a screening of the latter, and both participated in a Q&A afterwards.

reports, “Baker said that he had just gotten his first call concerning Spider-Man 4 that very day.

When Dougherty ribbed him about “just appearing in the background” Baker said that, basically, that’s what he’d be doing. It was unclear if they were being truthful or if, in fact, Dr. Connors would become supervillain The Lizard in this fourth entry in the film series. During their riffing, Dougherty used the phrase “co*ktease for another year” as to whether or not we’d see The Lizard.”

Now the actor could be telling porky pies and will indeed be donning the scaly skin of the classic villain in “Spider-Man 4”, but if his words are to be believed, it sounds like Dylan Baker will again only be a day-player again.

Someone suggested that Sony doesn’t want to have Baker be one of the films’ villains because he “isn’t that well-known an actor”. What a load of bullshit! Did Alfred Molina – who some will even ask ‘Who?’ as they read this – not play The Octopus in “Spider-Man 2”? In my opinion, Baker’s as well known as Molina. And just as good an actor. But more to the point, he’d bring some much needed credibility to a series that’s been severely conviction crippled of late.

Hopefully this is all a ploy to trick punters – and webmasters – into thinking The Lizard won’t be making an appearance in “Spider-Man 4” and he really will be in the mix. I’m sure if Sam Raimi has anything to say about it – and from the sounds of it, he may have won the ability to speak freely now – he’s in with a shot. Cross your tentacles!