TNT snags Southland?


Good news for “Southland” fans – looks like TNT will be picking up the recently-dropped ABC drama…. not that the Peacock made it easy for them to do so.

According to Variety, NBC played hardball when it came to letting Warner Bros TV shop the project to another network. The network wanted to be paid in full upfront (or very soon thereafter) for the six episodes it had ordered this season.

If NBC had stuck to its guns, it would’ve added huge amounts to the overhead costs one ach episode, making it much harder for John Wells Prods. and WBTV to sell the show. It’s believed both sides found a workable compromise, with WBTV paying some coin upfront, and more once the episodes land a home.

Warner Bros. TV has 13 episodes of “Southland” in the can, including seven left over from last year plus the six produced for NBC this fall before the network pulled the plug.