Cruise, Woo are Flying Tigers


Aside from the two flicks he did with John Travolta (ironic hey, since anything starring Barbarino usually sucks worse than a three-dollar whore?), “Face/Off” and “Broken Arrow”, John Woo’s Hollywood yield has been less appealing than a curdled caramel milkshake. And considering one of his worst big-studio efforts was “Mission : Impossible II” – filmed in Australia, thus making us look like a bunch of flippin’ galahs! – Woo reuniting with that film’s star, Tom Cruise doesn’t exactly provoke wood. Alas, that’s what might be happening – a second collaboration between Mapother and the “Hard Boiled” helmer. We can only hope this one encompasses more than a few doves, a jump from a helicopter, and an elongated exit from a moving motorcycle.

According to Variety, Cruise is circling Woo’s “Flying Tigers”, a Christopher McQuarrie (“Valkyrie”) penned project for New Regency.

The trade doesn’t have much else on the project, but Coming Soon recently chatted to Woo who shed some light on the what’s and when’s.

‘’It’s based on a true story in WWII, about a group of American volunteer fighter pilots who worked with the Chinese Air Force fighting with the Japanese and they won the war. Also, it’s the story of Clair Chennault, and they did a great contribution for the Chinese, and the Chinese people love and respect them. The whole story is about a friendship between a Chinese and an American and they worked together.”

It’s assumed that Cruise is up for the role of Chennault.

More on this as the sauce thickens and the pot cools down.

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