Quinn Lord


Moviehole recently had the opportunity to sit down with young Canadian actor Quinn Lord, star of Michael Dougherty’s cult hit “Trick ‘r Treat.” At the age of 10, Quinn has already appeared in over twenty-five film and television productions including roles on top television shows like ”Smallville”, ”Blade”, ”Stargate SG-1”, ”The L Word” and ”Supernatural”.

So Quinn, you play Sam in “Trick r’ Treat.” What it’s like being a Halloween cult icon now?

Oh, it’s amazing! The idea of being a potential icon or mascot for Halloween is great.

Sam is essentially the spirit of Halloween wrapped up into one little creepy little burlap sack-wearing kid. What did you do to get into the role?

I stayed in character the entire time. I would be very mischievous, pull pranks and stuff like that. Actually, I took a pillowcase and filled it when fake body parts – eyballs and arms and legs, stuff like that – and dragged it around the house.

That. Is. Awesome, possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. You’ve played several of these creepy roles and your resume is filled with horror and science-fiction work. Is there something about those roles that you really like?

I like creeping people out. I’m really into sci-fi / futuristic stuff too. I’d love to work on a film that involves laser guns or time travel, flying around in space and stuff like that.

Speaking of those science fiction and fantasy elements, you’re in Terry Gilliam’s upcoming film, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” What was it like working on the set with Gilliam?

Oh, Terry Gilliam was great! He’s a genius. I’ve watched the film three times and each time I notice something I didn’t see the last time around. I am very lucky to have a tiny part in this brilliant film, extraordinary film.

You’ve also got Joe Dante’s “The Hole 3D” coming up. Can you tell us a little about that?

Well, I loved working with Joe Dante. The film is a horror / comedy about two brothers who move into a new house. There’s a great big hole in basement and, if you look into it, your greatest fear comes to life.

Very cool, of course Joe Dante is the director of films like “Gremlins,” and “Small Soldiers,” so this seems right up his alley.

Absolutely, it was a blast working with Joe and I can’t wait to see the 3D stuff.

What are some of your favorite movies? What are the films that have influenced you?

My absolute favorites are “Back to the Future” and “Army of Darkness.” I love futuristic time travel stuff and creeping people out.

Makes perfect sense to me. What directors out there would you love to work with?

Quinn Lord: George Lucas, Michael Bay. I’d love to work with Joe Dante or Terry Gilliam again too.

George Lucas? Possibly a part on the new live-action Star Wars television show?

“Star Wars” was way cool, way ahead of its time. I’d love to be a part of that universe.

What about talk of a “Trick r’ Treat” Sequel?

I would love to do it [two thumbs up]. Making a sequel would be another fun project, getting to put on the Sam costume again is something I would really like to do.


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