Koepp gets Premium


Prolific Hollywood screenwriter David Koepp (“Mission : Impossible”, “War of the Worlds”) will again – he convinced few with his ill-fated 2008 comedy “Ghost Town” – try and convince those-that-matter that he’s just as comfortable behind a Nikon as he is Front Page.

Koepp, one of Hollywood’s highest-paid screenwriters, has set up the project “Premium Rush” at Sony.He will direct from a script he penned with constant collaborator John Kramps.

Variety says the story centers on a twentysomething New York City bike messenger who picks up an envelope at Columbia U. A dirty cop is desperate to get his hands on the envelope and chases the bike messenger throughout the city.

Unlike the modestly-budgeted “Ghost Town” ($30m), “Rush” is a big-budget actioner. The trade says it’ll feature impressive car stunts. And maybe things will go boom… I dunno.

Koepp, who also penned “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, is looking for his leading man as we speak. Possibly at a Bar.