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Of all the former ”Star Trek” stars, you’d think William Shatner would be the one ready and willing to castrate J.J Abrams over this year’s “Star Trek”. But surprisingly – since he, unlike former co-star Leonard Nimoy, was left out of the film – Shatner ultimately gave the film not only his blessing, but patted Abrams on the back for a job well done afterwards. But there is one former Enterprise shipmate who’s not entirely pleased with the reboot – actor John Billingsley, best known as Dr Phlox from “Star Trek : Enterprise”.

In an interview to promote his role in Sony’s “2012”, the amiable actor told Moviehole he ”wasn’t all that enamoured” with director Abrams’ film.

”Terrific performances, I thought, but the script was pretty mundane, and as is often the case with the movies, there’s too much of a premium put on ‘action’ at the expense of character development”, said Billingsley, also known for his role as Mike Spencer on “True Blood”. “I also felt that it was a colossal cop out to create a ‘parallel universe’ – this allows the filmmakers to do whatever they want in subsequent instalments without worrying about Trek continuity, plus now they can kill actors off if they start bitching about not getting paid enough. Personally, I could stand for a moratorium, in Trek-ville, on all ‘time travel’ yarns: I’m sick to death of characters meeting themselves, their long dead mothers”.

Having said that, Billingsley wants Abrams to know that “all is forgiven, and don’t you think you could stand to introduce a Denobulan into the mix sometime soon?”

You can read the full interview with Billingsley here

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