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Exclusive : Phoenix joins Lost Boys 3

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I’ve been holding onto this bit of news for a week or so now – apologies.

Let me explain, a Gremlin – one I’ll gladly place in Frances Lee McCain’s microwave if I get the opportunity, and if she’s not using it to warm Profiteroles – got into my computer last week, essentially ripping it to shreds (If Kurtwood Smith was the destroyer, Peter Weller was my innocent PC). So, for the past week, I’ve been working with a notepad, electric typewriter and box of Tylenol in an effort to stay atop of not only the site, but my other various work commitments. Well, it was nearly that bad – there was no typewriter; just wrote everything down in short hand and had Ramius upload it – it’s amazing how much we come to depend on our wired boxes (thank god for web-capable phones, understanding bosses, and underpaid contributors), ultimately only recognizing their importance when they’re laid up on a work bench somewhere (Sound like I’m talking about a Terminator).

It’s been about a day since the PC got out of the PC-Doctor, so I’m still catching up – largely, with work commitments – and still furiously looking for those program installation discs that are always in your face when you don’t need them (where art thou Mad Dog Morgan!), but disappear like Deborah Foreman when you do. And I’ve also got about 2000 emails here to respond to, let alone read (though a lot of them are entries for our “New Moon” competition – big surprise!) so bare me with me if you would.

So, wanky-week rant aside, here’s the belated scoop.. ‘ll even throw in a pretty picture to make my poorly computer feel less sore…may need to crank up the back-panel fan, Acer! This one’s a hottie!..

Moviehole’s been tipped off that South African stunner Tanit Phoenix (“Lord of War”, “Gallowalker”) has joined the cast of direct-to-disc sequel “Lost Boys : The Thirst”, now lensing in Cape Town, SA.

Phoenix, whose foxy face and frame can be seen often in men’s mags, will play the part of Gwen, a wealthy romance novelist who enlists the help of vampire-hunter/surfboard shaper Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman) to track down a family member whose gone missing.

Needless to say – considering Ms Phoenix has been recruited to play her – Gwen’s a dead-set hottie that’s bound to raise Frog’s, er, stake.

Phoenix joins the abovementioned Feldman, Jamison Newlander, Sean Cameron Michael, and Seb Catang for the Dario Piana-directed sequel, out next year via Warner Premiere.

More on the second sequel to Joel Schumacher’s 80’s ‘classic’ as it comes in.

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