Murphy was to do Happy Feet 2

The late Brittany Murphy was set to reprise her role as baby penguin Gloria in George Miller’s “Happy Feet” sequel, says News.Com.Au.

The actress, who suffered a fatal heart attack yesterday, was set to spend a large chunk of 2010 in Sydney, where she’d have recorded her part opposite Elijah Wood and Robin Williams.

It had recently been reported that Williams was set to arrive in the country in January, so assumingly Murphy wouldn’t have been far behind.

It’s likely that Miller will have to recast the role.

Murphy, whose other credits include “Clueless” and “The Ramen Girl”, was also tipped to be reprising her role as Shellie the barmaid in Robert Rodriguez’s “Sin City 2″.

“Happy Feet 2 in 3D” is due in cinemas November 18, 2011.