Cumquat’s Bits – 26/12/09

Cumquat here,
And I better say up front that I’ve had a few Reindeer Shooters – so if this gets sloppy, blame it on the boss man, not on the hired help. Promise though, not too much cussing, unsavory words about Jennifer Aniston (man, this woman just… I best stop), or spelieingg errors.
Ya see, I got an email earlier today – on Christmas mind you! screw the Pumpkin Pie, Clint wants me to update his baby! Sheesh! – from my-colleague-who-looks-like-Wyatt-from-Weird Science! asking whether I’d link to a couple of stories on the web for him. He’s gone back home for the holidays – and I don’t think they’ve got computers down there yet. In fact, I’m even surprised he could email me from his Blackberry – Didn’t think there’d be any cellular networks down there in the country; was keeping my ears and eyes out for carrier pigeons. I actually picture Clint on a farm, drinking straight from a keg, spitting a little out for the hungry pigs waddling nearby…. and now and then, climbing on top of the barn roof to see if he can get a signal on his cell phone.
More the case, I’d say, is that Clint is too busy doing this to do this. And, well, I can’t blame him!
Anyway, here’s the two links Clint wanted up – and a dozen-or-so more kindly provided by the silver-haired charmer at the other end of the coaxial cable. Merry Christmas Holers!

- Moviehole can exclusively report that the next “American Pie” film will likely be both a sequel (as opposed to a spin-off) to the original trilogy of films and a theatrical release. Universal are apparently quite happy with both the reaction and returns generated on the latest DTV effort, “American Pie Presents : Book of Love”, so are “seriously considering” reintroducing molested pastries to theaters. No word on whether Jason Biggs would be back as Jim… but don’t see why not; he’s not doing anything else, right?! Watch this Space.

- Warner Bros has released the official synopsis for the upcoming “Yogi Bear” movie (IESB)

- Sony has informed the boss man that “Boondock Saints II : All Saints Day” is headed straight to DVD down under. Not surprised… it didn’t do much business in the states, and even then, was only released in a few theaters. So look out for that one on the Aussie equivalent of Netflix real soon!

- The famous French ballerino Benjamin Millepied will, in addition to serving as the film’s choreographer, have an acting role in Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan”.

- Charlie Sheen has been arrested on domestic violence charges ( Speaking of, Sheen’s “Wall Street” will be re-issued on Blu-Ray on February 2nd.

- WatchOutFor.Com.Au chatted to comedian Aziz Anzari (Of “Scrubs” – of which I worked briefly on ‘when it was funny’) about his upcoming comedy tour in Sydney, Australia (remember Anziz, those wackos love Vegimite, so maybe don’t insult it – - too much!) and managed to get some info out of him about his upcoming feature work.

- He’s pretty much saying the same thing he told Clint a few weeks back, but never the less recent SAG-recruit Micah Sloat talked “Paranormal Activity 2″ with MovieWeb this week.

- While plugging his latest film “Extract”, writer/director Mike Judge told Cinema Blend that though “At one point a while back I considered doing a sequel to Office Space….I wouldn’t do one now. Since that movie came out there have been two great TV shows — the British Office and the American one — and dozens of commercials set in cubicles, so I kind of feel like I wouldn’t want to go back to it at this point.”

- Corey Haim is being courted to star in “The Pick Up”, a thriller about a young man who discovers he’s got a fair bit in common with his murderer father.

- Kevin Smith’s canned “Green Hornet” script has been turned into a comic series. You can check out the cover art for them here

- The Herald Sun reports that Mickey Rourke might be joining Sylvester Stallone in “Rambo 5″, lensing in the Spring.

- Electronic House has their list of the Top 50 Blu-Ray releases of 2009 up.

- Hopscotch Films have confirmed that Keira Knightley will likely join “Inglourious Basterds” stars Michael Fassbender and Christoph Waltz for David Cronenberg’s “The Talking Cure”.

- An interview with “Universal Soldier : Regeneration” director John Hyams, as well as a second trailer for the film, is up at VanDammeFan.

- Twentieth Century Fox’s “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” opened to $18.7 million on Wednesday from 3,656 theaters, securing the best gross for a title debuting on the Wednesday of Christmas week at the domestic B.O (Variety).

- There’s a massive post-Christmas DVD and Blu-Ray sale happening over at Amazon.Com (so many Blu-Ray titles under $10, including Robocop [Blu-ray], The Terminator [Blu-ray], Rambo III [Blu-ray], Superman – The Movie [Blu-ray], Spaceballs [Blu-ray], Total Recall [Blu-ray] and Saw [Blu-ray] ). Click here to browse the sales!

- “X-Files” EP Frank Spotnitz told attendees of the X-Con in Berlin that there’s “important news in the coming months”. Might this be the oft-rumored ’2012′-centric “X-Files” flick!? (XFilesNews)

- The Japanese Poster and Release Date for “Tekken” – based on the game of the same name, and starring Clint’s fried Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury – is up at

- James Cameron hints at “Avatar” sequels (Parade).

- Michael Madsen and Jack McGee (“Rescue Me”) have roles in the Hilary Duff/Kevin Zegers-starring “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde”.

- If anything else pops up news-wise in the next day or so I’ll post it on the Moviehole Twitter, m’kay!?

- Finally, you have to check this out – “X-Men Origins : Santa” (a mash-up of “Wolverine” and Disney’s “The Santa Clause”); it’s very well done!