Cumquat’s Bits – 26/12/09


Cumquat here,
And I better say up front that I’ve had a few Reindeer Shooters – so if this gets sloppy, blame it on the boss man, not on the hired help. Promise though, not too much cussing, unsavory words about Jennifer Aniston (man, this woman just… I best stop), or spelieingg errors.
Ya see, I got an email earlier today – on Christmas mind you! screw the Pumpkin Pie, Clint wants me to update his baby! Sheesh! – from my-colleague-who-looks-like-Wyatt-from-Weird Science! asking whether I’d link to a couple of stories on the web for him. He’s gone back home for the holidays – and I don’t think they’ve got computers down there yet. In fact, I’m even surprised he could email me from his Blackberry – Didn’t think there’d be any cellular networks down there in the country; was keeping my ears and eyes out for carrier pigeons. I actually picture Clint on a farm, drinking straight from a keg, spitting a little out for the hungry pigs waddling nearby…. and now and then, climbing on top of the barn roof to see if he can get a signal on his cell phone.
More the case, I’d say, is that Clint is too busy doing this to do this. And, well, I can’t blame him!
Anyway, here’s the two links Clint wanted up – and a dozen-or-so more kindly provided by the silver-haired charmer at the other end of the coaxial cable. Merry Christmas Holers!

– Moviehole can exclusively report that the next “American Pie” film will likely be both a sequel (as opposed to a spin-off) to the original trilogy of films and a theatrical release. Universal are apparently quite happy with both the reaction and returns generated on the latest DTV effort, “American Pie Presents : Book of Love”, so are “seriously considering” reintroducing molested pastries to theaters. No word on whether Jason Biggs would be back as Jim… but don’t see why not; he’s not doing anything else, right?! Watch this Space.

– Warner Bros has released the official synopsis for the upcoming “Yogi Bear” movie (IESB)

– Sony has informed the boss man that “Boondock Saints II : All Saints Day” is headed straight to DVD down under. Not surprised… it didn’t do much business in the states, and even then, was only released in a few theaters. So look out for that one on the Aussie equivalent of Netflix real soon!

– The famous French ballerino Benjamin Millepied will, in addition to serving as the film’s choreographer, have an acting role in Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan”.

– Charlie Sheen has been arrested on domestic violence charges ( Speaking of, Sheen’s “Wall Street” will be re-issued on Blu-Ray on February 2nd.

WatchOutFor.Com.Au chatted to comedian Aziz Anzari (Of “Scrubs” – of which I worked briefly on ‘when it was funny’) about his upcoming comedy tour in Sydney, Australia (remember Anziz, those wackos love Vegimite, so maybe don’t insult it – – too much!) and managed to get some info out of him about his upcoming feature work.

– He’s pretty much saying the same thing he told Clint a few weeks back, but never the less recent SAG-recruit Micah Sloat talked “Paranormal Activity 2” with MovieWeb this week.

– While plugging his latest film “Extract”, writer/director Mike Judge told Cinema Blend that though “At one point a while back I considered doing a sequel to Office Space….I wouldn’t do one now. Since that movie came out there have been two great TV shows — the British Office and the American one — and dozens of commercials set in cubicles, so I kind of feel like I wouldn’t want to go back to it at this point.”

– Corey Haim is being courted to star in “The Pick Up”, a thriller about a young man who discovers he’s got a fair bit in common with his murderer father.

– Kevin Smith’s canned “Green Hornet” script has been turned into a comic series. You can check out the cover art for them here

The Herald Sun reports that Mickey Rourke might be joining Sylvester Stallone in “Rambo 5”, lensing in the Spring.

Electronic House has their list of the Top 50 Blu-Ray releases of 2009 up.

– Hopscotch Films have confirmed that Keira Knightley will likely join “Inglourious Basterds” stars Michael Fassbender and Christoph Waltz for David Cronenberg’s “The Talking Cure”.

– An interview with “Universal Soldier : Regeneration” director John Hyams, as well as a second trailer for the film, is up at VanDammeFan.

– Twentieth Century Fox’s “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” opened to $18.7 million on Wednesday from 3,656 theaters, securing the best gross for a title debuting on the Wednesday of Christmas week at the domestic B.O (Variety).

– There’s a massive post-Christmas DVD and Blu-Ray sale happening over at Amazon.Com (so many Blu-Ray titles under $10, including Robocop [Blu-ray], The Terminator [Blu-ray], Rambo III [Blu-ray], Superman – The Movie [Blu-ray], Spaceballs [Blu-ray], Total Recall [Blu-ray] and Saw [Blu-ray] ). Click here to browse the sales!

– “X-Files” EP Frank Spotnitz told attendees of the X-Con in Berlin that there’s “important news in the coming months”. Might this be the oft-rumored ‘2012’-centric “X-Files” flick!? (XFilesNews)

– The Japanese Poster and Release Date for “Tekken” – based on the game of the same name, and starring Clint’s fried Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury – is up at

– James Cameron hints at “Avatar” sequels (Parade).

– Michael Madsen and Jack McGee (“Rescue Me”) have roles in the Hilary Duff/Kevin Zegers-starring “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde”.

– If anything else pops up news-wise in the next day or so I’ll post it on the Moviehole Twitter, m’kay!?

– Finally, you have to check this out – “X-Men Origins : Santa” (a mash-up of “Wolverine” and Disney’s “The Santa Clause”); it’s very well done!