Worthington to Flash!?


Captain Nemo. The Phantom. Captain America. And now, Flash Gordon.

Which pulp icon hasn’t Aussie it-boy Sam Worthington been rumoured for!? (Tarzan’s surely just around the corner).

According to Hollyscoop, the “Avatar” star is the front-runner to play the polo-player cum spaceman in director Breck Eisner’s big-screen “Flash Gordon” redo (you’ll recall SamJ. Jones played the stargazing Quarterback – they changed his sport of choice for cinematic reasons – in the 1980 version). According to an ‘insider’ (heh), Ryan Reynolds is also being eyeballed by producers- and for the role, too (sorry!).

For those not old enough to remember the comic or previous flick (and for those that were spared a viewing of the ill-fated Sci-Fi Channel series a couple of years back; bloody glad my producing partner didn’t end up getting the gig), “Flash” is a handsome sportsman and Yale graduate, who travels to the planet Mongo, where it’s discovered that the meteors are weapons devised by Ming the Merciless, evil ruler of Mongo.

Considering Eisner’s about to start work on a remake of “The Brood”, not to mention the fact that this “Flash Gordon” movie has been in development longer than Melbourne’s M1 upgrade, I think it’s safe to say the Worthington rumour will likely stay just that. But if there is some truth to it, Jesus! … Worthington better enroll in an American accent class quick! The critics will eat him alive if he brings his Australican accent to the role of an ‘all-American’ hero.