Bummer for Bond Fans


With MGM still on the hunt for a new owner, James Bond has been forced to take his holidays.
Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli say that until the situation at the company is resolved, Bond 23 has been put on pause.

“Well, our timeline’s a little up in the air what with the situation at MGM, so we have to be flexible”, Broccoli tells Total Film (via MI6). ‘’We just don’t know enough about the situation to comment, but we know it’s uncertain.”

If all goes smoothly, and someone soon helps MGM get back in the green, it’s likely the film will be before the cameras towards the end of the year – at the earliest (pre-production times on these big films is insanely long).

As for Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Hobbit”? Well, you can’t press pause on a film that still – amusingly enough – hasn’t got the official greenlight yet. But generally speaking, I’d say it’s going to be holding off on its shoot until the MGM situation is resolved too.