Captain America Online!


As I reported earlier today at (one of my other online homes) Geek Week, the Clinton-era’s “Captain America” is now available to watch online (go on, pee yourself with excitement, I won’t judge! Promise!).

If you didn’t pick up an ex-rental copy of the VHS when it was out and about in the early 90s, chances are you haven’t seen the film.

Did you miss out on much? God no! But if you’ve a glutton for punishment, or are a cat for curiosity, dial it up (how 1997 of me!) by all means!

Starring Matt Salinger, Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty and a couple of other actors who must’ve been forced at gun point to appear in the thing, the direct-to-video flick sees the shield-yielding ‘Avenger’ taking on long-time (or, in this case, ‘new’) for ‘Red Skull’.

There’s more info on the film at GW, and a link right here to watch the thing – if you dare.