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It mightn’t have a start date (see yesterday’s story on the matter), but Bond 23 may have its helmer.

Oscar Winner Sam Mendes has agreed to come onboard another action film (he directed “Road to Perdition”, which, coincidentally, also starred Daniel Craig) at along last, reports Deadline Hollywood Daily.

Though Mendes has an “eye to direct” the picture, he has simply been hired as a “consultant” on the film at this stage.

With MGM in a state of flux at the moment, nobody’s making anything official anything until the debt-ridden studio has a new owner.

“The producers are working on a deal to bring Sam on as consultant with an eye to direct,” an insider tells the site. “Once they put him on as the director, something happens to the contract in terms of ownership. But let me emphasize there’s not any deal done.”

Whatever the case, does this mean Kate Winslet’s a shoe-in to be the next Bond Girl!?

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