A Taste of Kat – 13/1/10


Dear NBC Executives,

To call you idiots would be too kind, to even call you moronic assholes would be nice. And since nobody over at NBC or in Jay Leno’s office seem to understand the finite details of television broadcasting, business or reputation, let me be the one to educate you on the pesky details of what you should already know. First of all, spin-off shows don’t work, if you have any doubts or questions regarding this matter, please contact Matt Le Blanc, Scott Baio, or the Ropers from ”Three’s Company”. I’m sure they’d be happy to show you their empty wallets. Sure, there are exceptions, check out ”Frasier” or even “The Simpsons” for that matter. Yet these beauties are the exception to the rule and don’t cost the pretty penny that Jay Leno does. In the end, I hope you wind up choking on that $30 million he cost you because you should have been prepared for the loss already.

Secondly, you can never go back. Leno said goodbye, accept it and please forward that message to his lackey. The fact that both of you are willing to hang onto his disappearing act of a career is pathetic and as you try to wrangle your way back into ratings and Leno back into a prime spot, you both look like amateur businessmen with no integrity. Not only do you make a mockery of your network with this slick pony trick but you aren’t even doing it well. You’re fumbling with contracts, decisions and scrambling for days to come up with any resolution. Which brings me to another point, splashing your industry oops all over network news isn’t busy savvy, not to mention jumping the gun on Conan O’ Brien’s talent. Your little charade is costing Conan his reputation as you rape his comedic prowess and attempt to treat him as a second rate act. Yet, all the while in press conferences you try to play it off like a cool football player who just lost his virginity at the home game.

Last, yet certainly not least, is the assumption that Conan’s ratings won’t rise to the occasion of ”The Tonight Show”. I understand that you’re scared and shaking in your corporate boots because this well known ”Tonight Show” stamp might be threatened. Yet, if history shows anything it’s that there’s rarely, if ever, a new hit television show. A television audience is a finicky and fragile creature that needs to be honed and maintained, over time, giving it a period of adjustment. It’s called growing pains gentleman, Conan’s new to your 11:35 pm crowd and these are things you should have foreseen long before promising The Tonight show and making him wait the four or five years for Leno to step aside. In the end, my advice to you is to have no fear, because the generation that fell in love with Conan O’Brien in the first place will soon be the parents that you are trying to placate by putting Leno back on, ya know, your main demographic. So, if you do decide to push aside the clever and brilliant Conan O’ Brien, all I can say is I hope he gets the rest of his contract money, sues the shit out of you and brings his talent to a network that will appreciate him and pay him twice the amount you did.

Katie Crocker

What I’ve Watched This Week:

District 9:
This film had an interesting premise with great insights into the possible reality of the situation portrayed. My only problem was that I wasn’t buying the aliens; maybe it was because he slammed his fist in frustration against a wall (which looked ridiculous) or perhaps just their design. Either way, I couldn’t get past it. Great performance by lead actor Sharlto Copley.
P.S please don’t ever show me an alien constructing a metal flower, again, ever. Leave it to the robots.

Up In the Air:
Cute dialogue yet a little overrated, liked “Thank You for Smoking” better. George Clooney and Anna Kendrick both delivered some cute performances though.

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Hunter S. Thompson:
Documents a great writer, at times the documentary has too many scenes of “Fear and Loathing” yet you really can’t go wrong with Hunter interviews. I miss him sorely.