Box Office Report – Jan 8-10, 2010


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Avatar $50.3M -26.6% 3,422 $14,701 $430.8M $237M 4



Sherlock Holmes $16.58M -54.7% 3,626 $4,574 $165.2M $90M 3



Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel $16.56M -52.9% 3,641 $4,550 $178.4M $75M 3


Daybreakers $15.1M

2,523 $6,003 $15.1M $21M 1



It’s Complicated $11.0M -41.5% 2,955 $3,725 $76.4M $85M 3


Leap Year $9.2M

2,511 $3,665 $9.2M $19M 1



The Blind Side $7.5M -36.8% 2,880 $2,615 $219.0M $29M 8



Up in the Air $7.2M -33.2% 2,218 $3,228 $54.8M $25M 6


Youth in Revolt $6.9M

1,873 $3,678 $6.9M $18M 1



The Princess and the Frog $4.7M -52.7% 2,620 $1,775 $92.5M $105M 7

All box office grosses for North America.

Despite three new films opening this week, “Avatar” stood on top again with $50.3M bringing its mammoth total to $430.8M. Avatar flew past the $400M mark this Saturday in only 23 days making it the fastest behind “The Dark Knight” with 19 days. “Titanic’s” record U.S. gross of $600.8M has a really good chance of being smashed by “Avatar” in the next few weeks. Worldwide “Avatar” reached $1335.2B sitting behind “Titanic’s” $1835.4B and waiting to steal the top spot.

”Sherlock Holmes” came in 2nd place once more with $16.58M and also once again had the biggest drop of the top ten movies with 54.7%. The $200M mark is in site but could fall through if the huge drops continue before the end of its run. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel came in 3rd again as well with $16.56M, bringing its total to $178.4M. Alvin also experienced a large drop of 52.9% now that kids are back in school.

“Daybreakers”, the latest pic from the Spierig Brothers (Undead) starring Ethan Hawke & Sam Neil opened up with a stellar $15.1M, after being filmed in May 2007 and being shelved for almost 2 years. With a production budget of $20M, this Lionsgate picture will be quite successful.

This week’s other wide releases didn’t fare with such success, “Leap Year” starring Amy Adams brought in a quiet $9.2M. With a low budget of $19M, it might be able to redeem its costs. “Youth in Revolt” was another delayed film like “Daybreakers” but didn’t perform the same unfortunately. The Michael Cera starrer brought in a mere $6.9M this weekend from 1,873 theaters. Since the film was rated R, its audience was pre-occupied with other movies this week.

“It’s Complicated” eased 41.5% to $11.0M bringing its total to $76.4. A final gross could be around $110M. “The Blind Side” grosses $7.5M in its 8th week in release bringing its total to $219.0M, could see a final gross of around $250M once award season starts up. “Up in the Air” despite adding over 300 theaters dropped 33.2% this weekend and needs that Oscar buzz to bump up its gross in the coming weeks. It grossed $7.2M for a total of $54.8M so far.

Falling to spot 10 this week, “The Princess and The Frog” tumbled another 52.7% down to $4.7M, Disney must be kicking themselves for underestimating those Chipmunks since they have ruled the children’s market this holiday season.

On Jan.15th, New films entering wide release are ”The Book Of Eli”, Disney’s ”The Spy Next Door” and Peter Jackson’s ”The Lovely Bones” is expanding wide after a disappointing limited run.

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