A Taste of Kat 20/1/10


Ah, the Golden Globes. A night of magic. A night where television and film unite. A night where television and film unite in hopes of winning an award so they can get their new project funded with their now credible golden globe winner name attached to the project. Okay, I might be playing this off a bit cynical, especially coming from the girl who called her sister that afternoon with the greeting of “It’s Golden Globes Day!” As obvious as the reality of these awards shows are, I still can’t help but get excited. So, to celebrate this nostalgic occasion, I got a shitload of junk food, stayed in my pajamas all day (this wasn’t too difficult considering my Oscar De La Renta gown is still at the cleaners) and shook my first while cursing loudly at anyone who I deemed unworthy of the win.

Unfortunately there was more shake fisting than “Yay’s!” coming from my corner of the couch. However, it was somewhat expected given the nominee’s this year. I STILL don’t understand why half of these films were even nominated! “The Hangover” didn’t really make me wanna throw my bra onstage and “It’s Complicated” deprived me of my only holiday wish of a decent romantic comedy for 2009. Needless to say, I was prepared for a disappointing evening, yet even the talented blokes there were extraordinarily shafted.

The Biggest Disappointing Win of the Year:

Best Screenplay won by Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner

Who should have won? I’ll tell ya who!

Quentin Tarantino for Inglorious Basterds

I will be graciously giving the middle finger on this one. C’mon people! A well written film slaps you in the face and you don’t even have the courtesy to say “thank you.” You should be ashamed of yourselves because “Up in the Air” was cute and by cute, I mean cute. Not great. Not fantastic, not “Inglorious Basterds” good. It was nowhere near as entertaining or captivating. My jaw was at the floor for the first twenty minutes of this insane Tarantino ride yet my eyes were squinting during the first twenty minutes of “Up in the Air.” Golden Globe caliber? I think not.

The Most Exciting Win of the Year:

Best Performance of an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture:

Won by Christoph Waltz

I think I screamed “Yes!” many times over when this fantastic actor took the stage and spoke of his own little globe and thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press for making it golden. This win was well deserved and his speech too adorable.
(The fact that supporting actor was one of the best wins, really speaks volumes of this years nominee’s)
The only other yay’s that could be heard from my obnoxious mouth were for Michael C. Hall of “Dexter” and Robert Downy Jr. for “Sherlock Holmes” (and these are both based on personal love and devotion and therefore highly biased.)

Otherwise, the awards were pretty blah and not up to Golden Globes snuff. None of the films that won really deserved the year of bragging rights.

People Who Got Screwed Yet Deserved to Win(a new category):

Quentin Tarantino should have taken home Best Director and Best Screenplay, hands down.
Carter Burwell should have been screaming with delight along with Yeah Yeah’s header Karen O for “Where the Wild Things Are” for Best Original Score.
Carey Mulligan should have hauled her cute little ass onstage for “An Education” because that film was a delight because of her performance.

And Best Picture should have gone to…

Nobody! Or at least none of the nominee’s for Drama or Comedy. (Maybe Tarantino if I had to pick.)

In the end, I figured out what was missing, and that was Paul Thomas Anderson. Bet he could make a beer commercial better than some of those films up for Best Picture.
The Oscars better not follow suit.
I wish us all the best of luck.