Exclusive : Grandma vs. Grandma update!


Hope you’re all keeping warm.

“Harold & Kumar” creator Jon Hurwitz tells me that – well, besides hoping to film “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas” sometime this year – he’s about to embark on his first fully-fledged family comedy, the terrifically-titled “Grandma vs. Grandma” for Paramount.

The story revolves around two women with very different styles of child-rearing who babysit their grandkids for a month and compete for their affections.

“[It’s] so different than Harold & Kumar”, says Hurwitz, who wrote the script with Hayden Schlossberg .“It’s a huge family comedy meant for a big family audience, but with some bite. It’s more John Hughesian in certain ways, but with leads who are 60 year old women”.

“Hayden and I have loved developing that script with Douglas Wick, Lucy Fisher, and Rachel Shane” he adds.

Hurtwitz hopes the flick will develop as large a following as his stoner comedies have.

“In some ways, it’ll kind of be for grandmothers, what Harold & Kumar was for Asian American’s. Instead of being side characters or the butt of the joke, in this movie, these grandmothers take center stage.”

It’ll still be a while off before we see “Grandma vs. Grandma”, but Hurwitz promises it is inching forward. “Very soon we’ll be handing in a draft that Doug and Lucy can use to start putting the movie together… hoping it can get up and running sometime this year.”