Video : Depp on The Mad Hatter


James Bond. Pride and Prejudice. Lethal Weapon. Miami Vice – films and franchises’ Tim Burton would never be suitable for. But a big-screen adaptation of the greatest fairytale in dog-eared book history? Now that’s a better fit than a small knife in a cutlery door!

Already shaping up to be one of 2010’s biggest hits, ”Alice in Wonderland” relays the classic bedtime story but it’s embossed with Burton’s legendary visionary and, some may say, welcomingly eccentric filmmaking-style.

Johnny Depp – who, these days, is to Burton what Robert DeNiro was to Marty Scorsese back in the early 80s – is aptly cast as the fantastical nutter ‘The Mad Hatter’, Australia’s Mia Wasikowska (“Rogue”) is the titular ‘Alice’, and the effortlessly beautiful Anne Hathaway (whose career got a kick-start thanks to Disney via “The Princess Diaries” all those years ago) as the iniquitous White Witch.

Thanks to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Australia, we’ve a sneak peek at, not only some concept art from the film (below), but a new video featuring Johnny Depp talking up ‘The Mad Hatter’.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND in Disney Digital 3Dâ„¢ on March 4.