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Ok, ok, I admit it. My name is Katie and I’m a ”Sex and the City”-aholic. I’ve been a devout viewer since the first season and I still get excited to watch these ladies whenever the mood strikes me.
Yet, recently I feel like I’ve been diagnosed with SJP-ITIS and it’s not pretty. I can’t stop google-ing images. I can’t stop watching the trailer. I can’t stop looking at website after website for any tidbit of possible information I might not already know about…

”Sex and the City 2!” (Warning: In the absence of any new information, withdrawal symptoms include: cold sweats, mood swings, various twitching and end of the world panic) Now, try not to cringe in disgust as its become clear that I’m pathetically obsessed. However, I’m starting to embrace the insanity of this debilitating disease, if this rambling has anything to say about it.

Now, as painful as this is for me to admit, my estrogen may be playing a teeny yet major role in this mania. Yet, I will proudly confess, “I’m a girl, damnit!” and along with this little factoid there are some things I just simply can’t avoid and a big part of that is relating to other females. “Sex and the City” has always hit this nail on the head and has spoken for almost every female at some point in her life and delivered lines that I’ve heard from plenty of females I know. Needless to say, the franchise is definitely near and dear to me.

However, just because my love for Sarah Jessica Parker and “SATC” is beyond words doesn’t mean I didn’t and don’t have hefty complaints for the first “Sex and the City” film. I did, lots of them actually. Yet, I’m hoping the second film will fill the void of the first and give me exactly what my “Sex and the City” heart craves.

The biggest disappointment of the first film was the ongoing saga of Carrie and Mr. Big. The first ten to thirty minutes were so satisfying because you got to see these characters interact in a real relationship (something I love to see because of their chemistry.) Yet, once again, the creators strapped us in for another loop on the merry go round of their on again off again relationship. Why give us the satisfying payoff at the end of the series to only shatter our trust again with this character in the film? I wanted more Big and Carrie and all I got was Carrie crying over Mr. Big, again!
Another problem I had with the film was the direction they took with some of the characters. First, Mr. Big backing out of the wedding seemed out of character. He isn’t an insecure leading man that would cry over a Vanity Fair article. Sure, he was a bit of a commitment-phobe, yet, again, we addressed this in the last episode of show! They made the character take a disappointing step back and in result it played off as a little forced in the film. This also affected the beloved Carrie’s storyline, making it much weaker than it should have been.

They also made this mistake when they developed the storyline for Miranda. Throughout the show, Miranda struggled with her cynical outlook on men and optimistic Steve (her husband) brought a nice balance to her closed off personality. Yet, in the film, the creators fed Miranda’s biggest fear and delivered us the storyline of a cheating Steve. It seemed like an easy play on the characters biggest weakness. Not only did this seem out of character for the husband, Steve, but the writers could have come up with something much stronger for the character. Why not threaten her job or have her struggle with raising a child?

Meanwhile, Charlotte York (ya know, the only one all men think is the pretty one) had a somewhat silent storyline, with thin and scattered appearances. Hell, they gave more screen time to Carrie’s assistant (who was a pretty pointless character) than this little Jewish ball of prudish Susie homemaker fun. What a let down!

Last but not least was Samantha Jones; this sexpot character had the ONLY plot line in the film that seemed realistic and not over or underdone. They put her in a situation we haven’t seen her in before yet kept the character in her personality. While I wasn’t completely sold on her living in Los Angeles and gaining ten pounds, it was somewhat natural and didn’t seem as redundant or obvious as the other story arcs that were shelled out.

Overall, the first film delivered a watered down version of the “Sex and the City” franchise and all I have to say is that they better not disappoint me come this May with the release of the second film. Because I want coffee shop conversations, I want Miranda ranting, I want Carrie quips and Mr. Big sarcasm, I want Samantha having sex with a stranger and I want Charlotte to be horrified when she tells her all about it. I’m ready to strap on my high heels and spend some time with the ladies I’ve missed so much.


P.S If anyone happens to find the antidote for SJP-ITIS, please contact me immediately, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll last.

Movies I’ve Watched This Week:

Young Victoria: This film was a lot better than I expected. It had a somewhat slow start, yet Emily Blunt gave a great performance and more than once I swooned at the well delivered romantic dialogue. Some of the shots were absolutely amazing as well, which really surprised me. The only thing that could have been stronger was the ending, which was somewhat abrupt. If they would have shown more of Victoria and Albert working together and then winded the film down a bit more, it would have been one of the best films I’ve seen this year.

It’s Complicated: A little bit better the second time around but still not up to par. There’s something about the chemistry with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep that just didn’t sit right with me.

Brothers: A disappointing plot line that goes awry. Tobey McGuire wasn’t too convincing as a soldier and Jake Gyllenhaal’s character was over the top.

Sherlock Holmes: Watched this one again too! Just as delightful the first time although I still think Rachael McAdams is a little awkward. She doesn’t make up much of the film though, so it doesn’t kill it. Such a fun ride and I can’t get the little Sherlock instrumental diddy that plays throughout the film out of my head!

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