Clint’s Bits – 27/1/10


Hey All,

Big thanks to Alicia for steering the ship today while I’ve been off dealing with ‘stuff’. Here’s a few bits and pieces we/you might have missed over the past 24 hours.

– Tom ‘Make-Up Man’ Savini, Emily Booth, and Doug ‘Pinhead’ Bradley are attached to star in Neil Jones’ “The Reverend: Vigilante Vampire”, set to shoot in Wales.

– Alicia reported earlier that Paramount has abandoned plans to film a sequel to the Mark Wahlberg flick “Shooter” (but thankfully, “The Naked Gun 4” is still on track!); unfortunately, it seems “Five Brothers” is still going ahead.

– As I reported on Twitter a day or so ago, Warner Bros are set to rejig the next two “Harry Potter” flicks into 3-D. Personally, getting a bit of sicker of these post-3D conversions – a’la “Cabin in the Woods”, “Clash of the Titans”. If the film didn’t originally call for that extra layer of depth, don’t do it!

– Meagan Good, Leslie Easterbrook (“The Devil’s Rejects”), Betsy Rue (“My Bloody Valentine 3D”), and Kane Hodder (“Jason X”) are onboard “The Uglies 3D”. Look out “Avatar”!

– Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore are teaming (shit, this sounds like a winner) for a remake of the French hit “L.O.L : Laughing out Loud”. Considering how much of a Twat she is (as in, Twitter-bug), Moore was probably the only actress in her age bracket to appreciate the film’s title (Variety)

– Future “Mad Max” babe Charlize Theron has teamed with “Seven” director David Fincher to develop a new drama series fixing on serial killers. The show is called “Mind Hunter”, not to be confused with the Renny Harlin flick “Mind Hunters” – of which I was seemingly it’s only fan. (Variety)

– Having rebooted “90210” and “Melrose Place”, the CW is now looking to bring back “Le Femme Nikita”.  In the new version, executive produced by McG, Nikita goes rogue, and a new assassin is trained to replace her (The Hollywood Reporter).

– “Ugly Betty” has been axed. Thank You.

– Gabrielle Muccino (“Seven Pounds”, “The Pursuit of Happyness”) is set to direct the Keanu Reeves-starring ‘love story set on a spaceship’ “Passengers”. Nice of Will Smith to lend his boy to Reeves, ain’t it!? (Variety)

– Michael Bay says he’s currently scouting three cities – Chicago, Detroit and Washington – in the hope one of them will end up the filming locale for “Transformers 3”. I don’t see why they just don’t set the next one on Megan Fox’s Breasts. (Michael Bay’s Official Site).

– The “King Kong” attraction at Universal Studios (the original, I’ve gotta say, never did much for me) will re-open this Summer… in 3-D! Watch out for Adrien Brody’s nose… it’ll poke ya! (The LA Times)

– Crystal Reed, star of the forthcoming “Teen Wolf” TV series, will front the Strause Bros’ (“Aliens vs Predator : Requiem”) “Skyline”. Word is, the script’s even better than “AvP 2”! (No, seriously) (Variety).

– Tom Sizemore is said to be in talks to star in baseball flick “The Boys of Summer”. Scott Bakula must be busy with his new series.

– Bill Paxton has replaced Dennis Quaid in Steven Soderbergh’s “Knockout” (The Playlist)

– According to the only-sometimes reliable IMDB, “Big Bang Theory” fox Kaley Cuoco is up for a role in “Scream 4”. Considering Kevin Williamson’s still writing the script, I doubt they’re casting just yet so just forget I mentioned it, okay!?

– Ernie Hudson, Daveigh Chase, Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner are attached to star in the horror film “Jack’s Back” for writer/director Lee Boxleitner (Bruce’s son).