Watchmen 2!?


“We are all signed for sequels, but, ya know, there’d be no Rorschach, there’d be no Comedian – – it’d be sorta useless. It’d have to be a prequel. But I’d say unless Alan Moore says he’s gonna write something, we’ll never see Watchmen 2.

There may be someone sitting in a room somewhere at Warner Bros waiting to see if this does OK, and ready to pitch another – but I doubt Zach would do another, and without him, I wouldn’t go back, and I can’t imagine any of the other actors would want to either.

It’s like the 300 sequel they’re talking about – how do you do that? I guess they can do a prequel – but it makes no sense. I’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall in the meeting in which someone brings up a Watchmen sequel – especially if it happens with Zack around, because he won’t want any part of it. I think this is it; what you see, is what you get. It was always a oner for me”

That’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who I spoke to for “Watchmen” this time last year, verbally obliteraring all prospect of a sequel to Zack Snyder’s 2009 hit.

Fast-forward a year later, and Bleeding Cool reports that several “Watchmen” follow-ups are being discussed. Alas, we’re only talking in literary form at the moment, but considering – as Morgan says above – all of the actors have signed for sequels, and Warner Bros has the right to do them, it wouldn’t at all surprise me if the smiling yellow badge makes its way back to multiplexes in the near future.

You can read Bleeding Cool’s story here.