Ryan McPartlin


On ”Chuck” , the both physically and comically gifted Ryan McPartlin plays the over-achieving brother-of-law of the title character – Chuck’s a computer nerd inadvertently turned super spy – a likable but haughty son-of-a-gun that’s given himself the nickname ‘Captain Awesome’. But did you know Captain Awesome actually blew his Chuck audition first time round? That doesn’t sound too Awesome, does it!? In this one-on-one chat, CLINT MORRIS talks to McPartlin about that embarrassing screen test, his sexy female co-stars, and a possible big-screen superhero gig!

Met your lovely co-star Yvonne Strahovski – here in Australia – recently; she must be a delight to work with? Not to discount Sarah Lancaster – your sexy on-screen squeeze!

You talk about a diva! Oh My God!….Just kidding, just kidding! Yvonne is such a sweetheart. We hit it off right away and she really makes me giggle for no apparent reason. I just told her today what a ball of sunshine she is. I might have been joking about Yvonne being a diva but seriously Lancaster…all I ever hear about is her amazing resume and how she’d be happy to help me with my acting sometime. I hope my humor is translating. Seriously, Lancaster is the best and I have to say that I think I’ve actually grown on her. I liked her right away but it took her a while to appreciate the fact that I never stop talking, even when she’s trying to read a book in between scenes. Once in a while she’ll put on her headphones but unfortunately for her, I speak really loud.

Ha Ha! How did you get the gig on ”Chuck”?

I actually messed up on the audition and forgot some lines because I was pretty nervous but I laughed it off pretty well and I guess they knew that I was the guy so they were generous enough to just give me the part. By the way, that never happens, so I did feel like that was a little gift from the acting gods.

Gods must have been on your side that day! Is it a fun show to work on?

It’s honestly the most fun I’ve ever had. I don’t think you can really call it work (even though we put in some long hours) I’m very happy right now and hope we get to do this for a long time.

The character has really taken off. That must make you feel good?

I’m excited about what’s happening with Captain Awesome. I feel like the writers and the whole team are really in sync now and we’re starting to crank on all cylinders.

I have to ask, why did Chuck choose Captain Awesome to tell his secret to?

I think it was a choice that would take the audience by surprise and at the same time create this great dynamic for comedy when Awesome gets into the spy world and doesn’t react like you’d expect him to.

You’ve just done a superhero flick – with Danielle Harris – haven’t you?

I wouldn’t call it a superhero flick as much as a low budget superhero spoof but yes Danielle Harris was so much fun. The best part about doing the movie was getting to know her and a couple of the other actors.

And speaking of Superheroes, you had Brandon Routh on the show recently didn’t you?

Yeah, Brandon and I got to work with each other on some cool scenes and he’s great. When my boys are a bit older, I think they’ll be impressed that Daddy got to work with Superman.

I’m just gonna put it out there : Captain America. Considered knocking on Marvel’s door?

The one thing I can’t stand are these actors that are twittering about auditioning for Captain America. It’s really tacky. With that said, it is in the casting process and like many other actors, I read for it, so we’ll wait and see what happens. Regardless, I’m pretty psyched to be Captain Awesome for the time being.

”Chuck” was lucky to snag a 3rd season, they say. Think it’ll go a fourth?

I think things are looking pretty good for a 4th season but we’re a long ways away and we could always use more viewers to make us feel better, so if you like the show, be sure to get as many of your friends hooked on it. That way, they’re happy, you’re happy, we’re happy….we’ll all be one big happy family!