Get Him to the Greek Trailer!


The script for “Get him to the Greek” is terrific – great jokes, some wonderful cameos, and, believe it or not, a half-decent plot to boot. Coupled with Steve Pink’s 80s throwback “Hot Tub Time Machine”, the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” spin-off – again featuring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill – might just place a firecracker under the seemingly immobile randy sexy comedy genre. The only thing I’m concerned about with “Get Him to the Greek” is that, in order to maintain it’s R rating (likely MA in Australia), some of the more “racier” sequences might have to be cut. And to be fair, some bits in the script do borderline on both soft-porn and unfilmable rancidness (and don’t we love that!). But even if the scissors are taken to a few of the film’s crazier moments, I’m pretty certain the film’s going to be one of the year’s highlights all the same. Can’t wait to see what Rose Byrne does with Jackie Q!

Universal Pictures has the new trailer up at today (Will be in our trailers section when it becomes available to the rest of the online community for posting), and has also sent out the new poster (above left).

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