Kid in the Hall


Amanda Bynes – lovely, lovely girl. And I’m not – for once – being sarcastic. I dare you to find a sweeter, more down-to-earth actress that’s as seemingly interested in what you have to say as you are her. But even more so, Bynes is talented – and if you hadn’t been able to spot her comedic gift before, you likely caught it in Hairspray (go back and watch the Frankie Muniz film, Big Fat Liar. Bynes steals the show – and considering the film’s villain is played by Paul Giamatti, that’s no mean feat).

A role in a Farrelly Bros’ film , believe it or not, will be perfect for the young comedienne. Variety reports that Bynes will star alongside Owen Wilson and Jenna Fischer in “Hall Pass”, a laffer about a man whose wife gives him a ‘free pass’ to engage in extramarital affairs. I can only imagine young Bynes, being the pretty perky twenty-something she is, will be playing one of Wilson’s many prospective conquests.

“Hall Pass” reunites Bynes with New Line/Warner, whom she worked with on “Hairspray”, “What a Girl Wants” and “She’s the Man” .