Captain America may be…


It’s been reported several times that director Joe Johnston and Paramount are chasing a newcomer for the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America, and with Deadline Hollywood Daily‘s unveiling of the “Captain America” short-list today, seems the pressure of feeling they had to have an A-lister never got to ’em. The bunch here are about as famous as my barista.

The seven actors battling for the lead role in the upcoming superhero jaunt are largely all from the world of TV – stars from such shows as “The Office”, “Smallville”, “Friday Night Lights” and “Gossip Girl”. The two that are better known for their film work might still be considered newcomers since, well, few of you probably recognize their names. All in all, they seven up for the role of the suited-hero are as fresh faced as you’re likely to get. So, no, there’s not a Pitt, a Damon, or a Smith – all three have been rumoured for the role of Captain America at one time or another – here.

It’s speculated that Paramount are trying to keep the costs way down on these superhero flicks, as evidenced not only by their hiring of fiscally-friendly Aussie newcomer Chris Hemsworth as ‘Thor’ (now filming in Los Angeles under the direction of Kenneth Branagh) but mid-level director Johnston’s (“The Wolfman”, “Jurassic Park 3”) anointment on “Captain America”, and the markedly star-less short-list provided above.

Deadline reports that the more well known actors on the following list will be paid about $300,000 for the first film – considerably less than the $10 million Robert Downey Jr was paid for “Iron Man 2”. Though I can understand them wanting to hire cheaper actors as ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’ considering there’s a team-up movie coming – it’s going to be expensive enough with Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L.Jackson, and potentially, Edward Norton in the movie.

Whoever gets the nod to play the shield-wielding superhero in “The First Avenger : Captain America” will be required to reprise the role for the upcoming superhero mash-up movie “The Avengers”.

The “Captain America” contenders are :


Scott Porter – best known for his role as Jason Street on TVs “Friday Night Lights”, the actor currently appears in Lasse Hallstorm’s “Dear John” and has a recurring role on Syfy’s “Caprica”.I don’t mind the guy, think he could be a fit

Chace Crawford – The 24-year-old actor is best known for his role on the top-rating tweeny soapie “Gossip Girl”. He was recently signed to play the lead in a remake of “Footloose”. I’ve nothing to go on here.

Michael Cassidy – A TV vet, was a nice guy on “The OC”, a bad guy on “Hidden Palms”, and a kinda-nice but mostly-bad guy on “Smallville”. Not a bad actor; pretty versatile, but a superhero? nah.

Jason Krasinski – Tall, lanky sod from TV comedy “The Office”. Recently proved his big-screen worth in the acclaimed comedy “Away We Go” but, Captain America!? Puh-leeese!

Mike Vogel – Though known for such films as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Cloverfield”, Vogel’s now a regular on the TV series “Miami Medical” so I guess that makes him a ‘TV Guy’, too?

Patrick Flueger – Best known for his role on the science-fiction series “The 4400”, Flueger recently appeared opposite Tobey Maguire in “Brothers” – apparently, don’t remember him myself. Doesn’t mean anything – just that I wasn’t paying attention.

Garrett Hedlund – Best known for his role in “Four Brothers” but has the lead role in the upcoming Disney blockbuster, “Tron : Legacy” so he’s on the up and up. He’s apparently the only one that hasn’t had a “screen test” yet.

Looks like Ryan McPartlin (of TVs “Chuck”) didn’t make the short-list (you’ll recall he told Moviehole he auditioned a couple of weeks ago). Pity, I think he had my vote.

“The First Avenger : Captain America” is due in theatres July 22, 2011.