The Crazies


By Ashley Hillard If you are into the horror genre, eco-terrorism, zombies, creepy people doing weird things, you’re wasting your time reading this review! head to a retailer immediately!

A remake (I know, I know, but this is a GOOD one!) of George A. Romero’s film of the same name, involves town sheriff (Timothy Olyphant) David Dutton trying to figure out why the people in town seem to be going, well, nuts. Dutton and his deputy, Russell Clank (Joe Anderson) discover a plane has gone down in the town’s water supply.

There isn’t a – technical term here – ‘boring’ moment in the film. There aren’t a lot of surprises as far as who lives and dies (it is a horror movie after al!), however the waiting game of who will be infected next is fairly intense…and fun. There are great horror moments, too – you may not be surprised by when you jump but you may be surprised by the tricks pulled to get you to jump. There is a good balance of visual and psychological scare tactics. Director Breck Eisner (attached to the ”Flash Gordon” remake) does a fantastic job, especially since it is a re-make.

Participant Productions, the company behind documentaries such as ”An Inconvenient Truth”, makes an interesting choice in backing this project, yet it makes sense. With (spoiler!) bio chemicals behind the drinking water contamination and of course US military involvement, it exposes the dangers of what biological warfare could do to a population. The way the military tries to cover their tracks by destroying evidence is also frighteningly believable.

The opening scene is a great hook as it takes an ordinary baseball game and adds a creepy factor that is both scary and funny. It sets the tone for this film that manages to have characters an audience can care about mixed with humor and a lot of horror. It’s a smart horror flick with a good message behind it and fun product placement for safe drinking water – Aquafina anyone?

Blu-Ray Details and Extras

A stunning video (1080p) and audio (DTS 5.1) transfer comes complete with a few juicy extras, including featurettes, a motion comic and an insightful commentary with director Breck Eisner.