Fresh Prince does Hitchcock


If news of a Will Smith-led “Star is Born” remake (let alone a Smith-produced “Karate Kid” reboot) didn’t go off like a wet firecracker in a thunderstorm, then reports suggesting the Fresh Prince is to headline a remake of the Alfred Hitchcock classic “Suspicion” most definitely will.

According to Latino Review, the Karate Kid’s Poppa wants to star in and produce a new take on the Cary Grant-starrer. In the 1941 film, Joan Fontaine played a shy young English woman who marries a charming gentleman (Grant), who then begins to suspect him of trying to kill her. It’s up to the audience to decide or whether or not he’s crazy or not.

Paramount – surprisingly enough, since Smith doesn’t do biz with the Melrose crowd often – is behind the redo.