Box Office Report : Mar 5-7


All box office grosses for North America. *Budget is estimated.

Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” dominated the box office this weekend, scoring an astounding $116.1M in North America. The $200M budgeted movie grossed a mammoth $210.1M worldwide during its opening weekend. “Alice” became the biggest March opening ever, flying by 2007’s “300” holding the spot with $70.9M. “Alice” also scored the top opening ever for a non-sequel, beating out 2002’s “Spider-Man” which had $114.8M (not counting inflation). “Alice in Wonderland” now sits at spot 6 in the biggest opening in history just after The Dark Knight ($158.4M), Spider-Man 3 ($151.1M), The Twilight Saga: New Moon ($142.8M), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ($135.6M), and Shrek the Third ($121.6M). Johnny Depp now holds the top three best openings for Disney with “Pirates 2 & 3” and “Alice.” The film will most definitely become Tim Burton’s highest grossing film by beating out 1988’s “Batman” which grossed $251.2M. With industry experts predicting “Alice in Wonderland” to gross around $70M, this film flew past expectations, and seems to have a bright future ahead.

Although”Brooklyn’s Finest” had a much smaller opening weekend, it is still off to a good start. Bringing in $13.4M from only $1,936 theaters, the film’s per theater average was a great $6,896. The $17M film will become a success for its studio Overture. Since reviews have been fairly negative for”Brooklyn’s Finest,” we will have to watch in the coming weeks to see how it holds up. “Shutter Island” eased to third place grossing $13.2M in week three. “Shutter Island” is looking to break the $100M mark before this weekend and has a good chance of a total gross of about $140M. Even though it dropped 49% from last week, “Cop Out” had a good second week grossing $9.3M. After two weeks the Kevin Smith picture has grossed $32.5M, recouping its budget and also becoming Kevin Smith’s highest grossing film. A total of $55M is likely for the buddy-cop comedy.

“Avatar” which was snubbed from major awards at this past weekend’s Oscars, grossed $8.1M. Experiencing its largest drop of 40.5% due to the fact that it lost most of its IMAX & 3D theaters to “Alice in Wonderland”, its total is at $720.6M and still may reach $750M before its end. “The Crazies” dropped 55.9% which is understandable for a horror flick grossing $7.1M. With $27.5M grossed, the film is already a hit for Overture and should finish at a good $40M. “Percy Jackson & The Olympians” grossed $5.1M this weekend, bringing its total to $78.1M after four weeks. An ‘ok’ finish of $90-95 is now in the cards for the kids-action flick which carried a budget of $95M.

“Valentine’s Day” is dropping fast, only grossing $4.2M this weekend. The film crossed the $100M mark this week with $106.3M. A total gross of a little less than $120M is expected. “Crazy Heart” was very successful at this year’s Oscars bringing home Best Actor and Best Song. The Jeff Bridges film climbed 34.5% this weekend, grossing $3.3M. The film now has some major awards behind it and could have an extended run. “Dear John” grossed $2.8M, bringing its total to a very successful $76.6M, Final gross of less than $85M is expected.
Next week, a bunch of new movies are being released “Green Zone”, “Our Family Wedding”, “Remember Me” & “She’s Out Of My League”.

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