From Everwood to Hollywood


I loved “Everwood”. Okay, go on, snigger away! But seriously, if you’d watched the show you’d know just how darn good it was. Greg Berlanti crafted one of the most touching, most realistic and most memorable family dramas of our times. The show made me a fan of Treat Williams. It made me crush on Emily VanCamp . And it’s forever got me beseeching out Tom Amandes’ work. Mostly though, it made me sit up and take notice on Gregory Smith – the show’s commanding young lead. As Ephram, Smith gave life to one of the most enjoyable and more credible on-screen teenagers to come out of a major network. Sadly, Smith has been underutilized ever since.

Hopefully things are changing. The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Smith – whose last major role was in the dire “The Seeker : The Dark is Rising” – has snagged himself three films. Three good films, by the sounds.

First up, he’s jumped aboard Jim ‘In America’ Sheridan’s “Dream House” starring Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts.

He’s also attached to two other flicks – Canadian indie “Whirligig” and “Conception,” an indie that will shoot in Los Angeles under the direction of my good mate, Josh Stolberg (“Piranha”)!

Glad the ‘Wood has taken notice of Smith.