Chris Evans is Captain America!


Update! It’s confirmed, Chris Evans is Captain America. (It helped that Garrett Hedlund and Channing Tatum rejected Marvel’s offer to wear the red, white & blue apparently). Evans is the second actor to play ‘Captain America’ on the big screen – Matt Salinger (son of famed author J.D Salinger) played the superhero in an ill-fated late 80s film based on the comic property.

Though Marvel Studios are staying mum for the moment, The Hollywood Reporter says Chris Evans (“Fantastic Four”, “Push”) has officially been offered “Captain America”.

If true, the project would reunite the young actor with Marvel, whom Evans worked on on both “Fantastic Four” and “Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer” with. And with Marvel recently announcing they’ll be rebooting ”Fantastic Four”, thus recasting the main roles, there’ll be no worries about Evans confusing audiences by having to play both tight-wearing male protagonists.

THR says Evans would be contracted to play Steve Rogers/Captain America in three “Captain America” movies, as well as “The Avengers”, with the possibility of special appearances in other Marvel flicks.

If Evans does accept the role he’ll likely make an enemy out of 20th Century Fox – they’ve set him to do the Anna Faris-starring rom-com ”What’s Your Number?” the same time “The First Avenger : Captain America” is due to lens.

Other actors who were up for the role of the shield-wielding hero include Michael Cassidy, Patrick Flueger, Scott Porter, Wilson Blethel, Mike Vogel, John Krasinski, Chace Crawford, and Garrett Hedlund. Unlike most of them, Evans was not required to do a screen test.