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The Rum Diary Directed by Bruce Robinson

Adapted from the great Hunter S. Thompson novel is the story of journalist Paul Kemp, new to the scene of the local newspaper of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now, the novel has a great simplistic style and moves at a fast pace, I just hope the film can follow suit. Paul should be drinking, swearing, sweating, drinking, having sex and writing. The book is actually my favorite from the Doctor, so not only am I there, but I’m there with a Gonzo fist, hooting and hollering, just like Hunter would have wanted. If you haven’t read the book, I suggest you pick it up and watch out for the trailer.

Tron Legacy Directed by Joseph Kosinski

I’ve never been a huge Tron fan, but the trailers for the new “Tron Legacy” get my blood pumping and eager for the thrill of entering the cyber universe. My only fear is that the film traded some quality plot or dialogue in for special effects, but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I’m ready for the ride into the gamer world. Please don’t disappoint me Tron.

Iron Man 2 Directed by Jon Favreau

Robert Downey Jr. is slapping on the steel again! This time around, Iron Man, Tony Stark, takes on Whiplash and the U.S. government who are hounding Stark to secure the rights of his technology. I’m ready for the action packed fun! The only apprehension I have for this flick is Whiplash. I’m hoping his motives aren’t dripping in some stupid newfound revenge, although it seems it may be going in that direction. It’s always so disappointing when a sequel takes such an obvious plot twist. Especially when the character didn’t come forward in the first, it just seems so unlikely, don’t ya think? “Aha! Coming out nowhere, is this secret enemy, with secret motives that all link to his past and the leading characters.” My only other fear is Scar Jo. I’m hoping Downey can smack can life into her.

The Social Network Directed by David Fincher

Written by quick wit Aaron Sorkin is the story of the Face book founders. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this script for months, begging and pleading for the smart charm and fast paced dialogue that makes it his. Yet, I haven’t had any luck so far. Nonetheless, I’m a huge fan of Sorkin and Fincher, so I’m interested to see their take on the popular social networking site story. The scheduled release isn’t until October, so mark your calendars and keep your eyes open for the trailer.

Black Swan Directed by Darren Aronofsky

Who doesn’t love Ballerina stories, especially psychological thriller Ballerina stories?? (What? Huh? Exactly) Leave it to Aronofsky. The film revolves around New York ballerina Nina (Natalie Portman) and her rival, Lily (Mila Kunis.) The psychological fun starts when Nina begins to realize that her rival, Lily, may or may not be… her alter ego. (Cue ominous music) I’m rooting for hardcore competition that includes shoving tutus down rickety staircases and the accidental broken ankles. Although, I’m not sure if Aronofsky is contemplating the same. However, I’m really looking forward to the visuals that Aronofsky always manages to deliver. While some rumors have surfaced claiming the pic to be somewhat slow, you can at least look forward to some steamy encounters between the beautiful leading ladies and some great camera work.

Sex and the City 2 Directed by Michael Patrick King

I realize I’ve gushed enough about this release, so I’ll leave it at that.

The Tree of Life Directed by Terrence Malick

Nearly five years later, Malick is on the brink of a long awaited new release. Finally! The film centers on a mid-western family in the 1950’s and follows a man’s journey from his youth into adulthood. While I’m pretty sure the story hits hard on the loss of innocence and on his struggle to fit into a modern world, the rest I’m pretty clueless on. Everywhere I look I see the world fantasy affiliated with the film and I can’t help but wonder? Time travel? Dreams? Imagination? C’mon Malick, give me something, anything!

“London Boulevard” Directed by William Monohan

Writer William Monahan is trying his hand at directing and it’s his own script to boot. The film is about ex-con Mitchel, who gets a job out of prison as a handyman for a reclusive actress. I read this script awhile back and it was a little rough, but it had some great dialogue and I could definitely see the potential. Overall, the main character is what really hooked me, he was written with a definite charm. So, I’m gonna root for a great post-production on this one and look forward to seeing how it turned out.

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps Directed by Oliver Stone

Over twenty years later, the great, cut throat Gordon Gekko returns! In a sea of remakes and sequels, this is probably the only one I can seem to get excited about. And who couldn’t be with a great character like Gordon Gekko. While the film seems to strike on a strange personal note for the character, I’m still interested to see where it goes. You better not disappoint me Stone because “I don’t throw darts at a board. I bet on sure things.”

Waking Sleeping Beauty Directed by Don Hahn

This one may not be for everyone, but as a huge Disney dork, I can’t help but be giddy about it! This documentary follows the animators and creators of a decade of Disney feature film releases, which include: the Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. I can’t wait to see how the creators debated and ultimately made all of these films come to life. I’m ready for some Disney magic!

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