The Brothers Bond


I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of Rachel Weisz – nothing against her personally, just wasn’t, what you’d call, a ‘fan’ – not until “The Brothers Bloom”.

Sure, I enjoyed – or rather ‘appreciated’ – Weisz’s performances in the likes of “The Constant Gardener”, “My Blueberry Nights” and “About a Boy”, but I’d never gone gaga for the British actress; just hadn’t seen anything that astonishing from her to warrant a, er, gaga, I guess you’d say. That is until I witnessed her wonderfully comical, absolutely adorable turn as the dimish Penelope in Rian Johnson’s superb “Brothers Bloom”! Now that was a performance. Yes, I can appreciate Weisz’s uninhibited, courageous turn in the overrated “Constant Gardener” but Penny is an absolute showcase for Weisz – in some respects, and dare I say it, the character felt more real to me than the lass at the center of the award-magnet “Constant Gardener”. Tell me you’re not just in love with both the character and the actress after sitting through “Bloom”?!

I smile whenever I think of Weisz’s Penelope!

But I digress. Suppose what I’m trying to say is, if I wasn’t a fan of Weisz, I am now – and I look forward to her next performances with anticipation.

Might one of those next performances be a Bond villain!? Maybe…. our long-time pals at Cinema Blend are reporting an awfully-juicy rumour that the foxy Brunette might be going head-to-head with 007. Weisz is apparently being courted to play the head of Quantum, the evil organization at the center of “Quantum of Solace” and it’s predecessor “Casino Royale”. In other words, Weisz’s character would be the one who’s been pulling the strings all along – killing Jimmy B’s girl, Vesper Lynd, and just generally taking pride in seeing the man suffer.

The site does say to take the rumour as nothing more at this stage, but considering the scooper is said to have been dead-on with previous scoops, there might be something to this. Heck, let’s hope so!

I’d love to see Weisz bang ‘The Living Daylights’ out of Daniel Craig! (which we may get to see anyway – the duo are currently working on another film together, “Dream House”).

Sam Mendes will direct Bond 23 – um, er, as soon as someone offers to take MGM off the auctioneers hands

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