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The new Spider-Man isn’t…

The new Spider-Man isn’t…
Caffeinated Clint

Update! : Sony tell Deadline Hollywood Daily that Logan Lerman has not been cast as Spider-Man, nor is he a frontrunner (but are they bullshitting?).

Here’s the Original Story…

God, it feels like yesterday I was writing up this exact same story* – well, close enough to. It was July 2000 when I reported, right here on Moviehole, that young Tobey Maguire (then best known for his role in the brilliant “Cider House Rules”) had snagged the heavily-sought role of “Spider-Man” in a new film to be directed by “Evil Dead” alum Sam Raimi. It was all very exciting. And the film delivered. I don’t think a single soul walked out of the media screening in 2001 disliking the flick – it was everything “Spider-Man” should have been. In fact, I remember near word-for-word that whole conversation I had with Sony’s Cheryl & Loretta as I left the theatre.

The next day I interviewed director Raimi, and thanked him for doing the property justice – but as he said, he wouldn’t have been able to forgive himself if he’d fucked that one up.

And, of course, my colleagues will recall reporting on the “Spider-Man” teaser trailer hiccup. You see, Raimi had shot of a teaser that had Spider-Man swinging from the Twin Towers – but then 9/11 hit.
”My 2nd unit director shot some great stuff for the teaser. It was the bit where Spiderman tangled the crooks in the snagged helicopter and weaves a web for them between the Trade towers. I was hoping to use it in the movie, but I didn’t feel it was appropriate after September 11”, Raimi told me at the time. ”I did however keep every other scene of The Twin Towers in the movie.”

Anyway, we’re back here again – a decade later – to report on this [aaargh] new “Spider-Man”.

The oft-rumoured Logan Lerman (TVs “Jack & Bobby”, “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”) has emerged as the front-runner for the role of the slippery-palmed Peter Parker in Sony’s unnecessary “Spider-Man” reboot.

Logan – one of several young Hollywood “it” lads who’ve been meeting with Sony about taking over for Tobey Maguire – has been widely tipped to have scored some cerise latex for several months now.

HitFix reports, ”A source close to the production tells HitFix Lerman is “almost 100% locked” but not in contract negotiations for the role yet”.

The Marc Webb (“500 Days of Summer”) directed do-over of the cabbage-evoking superhero series will see Peter Parker back at high school where, in addition to fighting crime by night, he’s tormented by bullies, faced with an escalating amount of home-work, and daydreaming about fellow student, Gwen Stacey.

Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst had planned to reunite for a fourth “Spider-Man” but a creative clash between the filmmaker and the studio led to a mutual parting of ways. “Zodiac” scribe James Vanderbilt had been asked to pen a “Spider-Man” ‘reboot’ script shortly before the bust-up – suggesting Sony was never that confident Raimi and co would return for a fourth flick (considering the lackluster “Spider-Man 3″).

“Spider-Man” is out 2012.

* Clint’s been doing this way too long.

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