Lynch doing Mulholland Drive 2?


I love “Mulholland Drive” like an intoxicated nymphette loves teabagging. It’s a divine film. One of my favourites.

Yes, I’m a sucker for anything David Lynch (Do you want to know how many times I’ve watched “Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me” or “The Straight Story”? No, you don’t – it’ll only evoke you to send flowers and a sympathy card), but “Mulholland Drive” was something extra special… and considering it’s small-screen origins, probably shouldn’t have been.

The chronicle behind the film is an interesting one. “Drive” is a two-hour, 27-minute retooling of a script originally shot as a 94-minute pilot for a TV series. ABC had approved the script but chose not even to air the pilot once it was done – despite Lynch’s labours to cut the project to their liking. As it turned out, it was Lynch who had the last laugh, releasing what could be the finest film of his career.

“Mulholland Drive”, in some respects, is “Twin Peaks” packed away in a suitcase and opened up in the glitz and glam of a Los Angeles backdrop with characters just as idiosyncratic and somewhat spooky as the one’s who revolved around Laura Palmer and company back in Cherry Pie country.

It was surreal. It was spooky. It was intriguing. Captivating. Bloody well-performed. And quite simply, hard to take your eyes off.

I remember joking around with the film’s star (and good friend of Moviehole) Laura Harring about a potential sequel.

“Mulholland Drive 2?”, the actress chortled in a 2002 interview. “There hasn’t been any talk of a sequel. But Anything’s possible. Since it appears Diane (Watts character) disappears in the end, she would have to haunt me, no?”

Cut to eight years later – and indeed sequel-talk is starting to bubble from the thought-impossible saucepan.

And by no less than Ms Harring (via NBC).”I’m very sure it’s coming, it’s being born,” she said. “I cannot really tell you how I know.”

Lynch has never been one for sequels (If he was, there’d be two or three “Twin Peaks” films by now) so I don’t know how much stock to put into this. Not to say Harring’s telling porky pies, she might simply be referring to an upcoming project she and Lynch are reuniting on that’s “comparable” to “Mulholland Drive”?

One way or another, we’ll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, Kyle MacLachlan – among others – have been out stumping the Season 2 DVD release of “Twin Peaks” in the UK. You can check out some interview clips at Play.Com.